July 2018 Playlist – Songs from movies you’ve long forgotten about!

Happy July!

budsLet’s assume you’re planning your Fourth of July festivities, and if you’re not, you should be! For these hypothetical festivities, which you definitely should be planning, you’re going to want a rocking playlist, and for that you’ve come to the right place. I believe the best playlists have a few old favorites, a few new surprises, and something for people to talk about. For others like myself who were children of the 80s and 90s, these songs are all technically old favorites, but my guess is some will feel like new surprises. I’ve scoured the soundtracks of some of my favorite long forgotten childhood movies to find the best mix of songs you likely used to know every word to, but have long since forgotten. This isn’t a Disney sing-along mix; these are workout worthy, roll the windows down, rock out on the back deck or patio, and soak in the best of summer songs that you probably never appreciated enough the first time you heard them!

And, of course, if you want to go back to June’s list, you can always access the archives on the Playlist page!


“Stand Out” – A Goofy Movie – TRACK
“Eye to Eye” – A Goofy Movie – TRACK
“I’m Still Here” – Treasure Planet – TRACK
“Where No One Goes” – How to Train Your Dragon – TRACK
“Why Should I Worry” – Oliver and Company – TRACK
“Fly like an Eagle” – Space Jam – TRACK
“I Hope that Something Better Comes Along” – The Muppets – TRACK
“Sunny Side Up” – The Big Green – TRACK
“If I Didn’t Have You” – Monsters Inc. – TRACK
“Through Heaven’s Eyes” – The Prince of Egypt – TRACK
“Figaro/Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” – Mrs. Doubtfire – TRACK


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