We’re in Switzerland, so here are some Swiss fun facts!

If you’re reading this, then my scheduled auto-post has arrived as planned, and ink. rolls on even in my vacationing absence! 🙂 If you’re not reading this…you probably never will, because it would be weird to post it in hindsight after we’re home from the trip.

We’re in Switzerland, and should be leaving Zurich today via car to Bern for the day, and then on to Lauterbrunnen, where we have an Airbnb and will stay for the next two nights. From there we head to Lucerne, where we will spend the night on Lake Lucerne before returning to Zurich. No need to Google, hopefully here’s what we’ll be seeing!

Lauterbrunnen Valley

You can follow along on Instagram and hopefully find that we are where I think we’re going to be! If not, well then won’t that be an adventure to tell!

I didn’t know a lot about Switzerland before we planned to travel there. I knew my brother had gone hang gliding in the Alps. I knew that my colleague considered the Lauterbrunnen Valley more beautiful and travel worthy than the Cinque Terre. I knew my sister thought it was the prettiest part of her European tour a few years ago. They’re known for the banks, watches, pocket knives, and the Matterhorn. We saw the Swiss Guard at the Vatican two years ago. They are historically neutral.

I knew a lot about what to do and see in Italy because I feel like the culture and history is much more widely known. Eat pasta. See artwork. Look at lots of Roman ruins. Go to cathedrals. I didn’t have the same sense of Switzerland, so how would we decide what to see. In truth, a lot of our Switzerland itinerary plans include wandering and hiking. Maybe that’s what the Swiss do too!? A little preparatory Googling revealed these interesting Swiss fun facts.

There are enough nuclear fallout shelters in Switzerland to accommodate the entire Swiss population. Not that I hope to be seeing one, nor do I know that they would also accommodate tourists. But this is quite a thing, don’t you think!? For a historically neutral country, that’s a lot of foresight! Also, rumor has it that to protect itself from invasion, access points to the country can be demolished quickly and systematically. I think this makes me feel safer there. Maybe?

Helvetica is Latin for SwissWhich means that super minimal looking font that you choose from time to time to feel preppy, yay, it’s literally “Swiss.”

Lots of things were invented in Switzerland, and there are museums for a lot of them, which may mean we find ourselves in one or two of them! The Swiss are responsible for the invention of: Velcro, the Swiss army knife, the potato peeler, milk chocolate, and cellophane, among many other things. Bern is also home to the Albert Einstein house. Switzerland has topped the World Intellectual Property rankings for the last seven years in a row!

Zurich is home to the largest church clock face in all of Europe. The face of the clock on the tower of Saint Peter’s church in Zurich measures 8.7 meters in diameter, larger than any other in Europe. The clock face in the Aarau rail station is 9 meters in diameter. The only clock face larger is the rail station clock in Cergy, France.

Minnesota might be the land of 10,000 lakes, but… in Switzerland you are never more than 10 miles from a lake at any point within the the country’s borders.

Zurich is also home to the FIFA world Football museum, and seeing as the World Cup just finished, it’s a ticket in high demand. They also happen to be closed Monday, so we definitely didn’t get to see it yesterday when we first got to the country. But depending on what today’s adventure brings, it could find it’s way onto the itinerary before we hit the mountains! Stay tuned.



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