Exploring and excursions, our plans on the cruise, and Game of Thrones quotes because…Croatia!

We’ve embarked on the cruise portion of our EuroTrip, and hopefully I’m not using any of the excellent Dramamine free sea sickness suggestions you gave me! Rest assured, I probably have my sea bands securely in place just in case!

When we first started planning our vacation, we considered cruising the entire trip. There was an excellent 13 day cruise around the British Isles calling our name. I was ready to make the deposit. Then my husband pointed out that neither one of us had ever been on a cruise before, and given the small possibility that we both could end up hating it, planning our entire trip on a cruise ship could be a recipe for disaster. If you learn that you hate cruising day 1, that’s a pretty miserable 12 days of vacation to follow! The jury is still out on whether we love or hate cruising, but either way, it’s only half our vacation, so we’ve hopefully had some other great experiences on land first!

Here’s the general route our cruise is following:
Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 2.11.19 PM

There was much debated about whether or not we were going to take the cruise offered excursions (of which there are many, and many of which are expensive) or attempt to navigate the various ports ourselves. Turns out it will be a little bit of both. We have three excursions planned. If you’re reading this on Tuesday like it’s scheduled to be published, then yesterday we will have taken our first, a tour of Kotot, Perast, and Our Lady of the Rock. This was one of the highest rated excursions of all the offerings on our cruise, so I have high hopes. It’s a historical tour, and didn’t sound quite as exciting as our other option (sea kayaking in Boka Bay) but all those 5 star reviews can’t be wrong, right? Besides, it looked beautiful when we booked it!


Next we enter 3 days hopping around the Greek isles. Today (assuming it’s Tuesday) we’re in Corfu, and exploring on our own. Tomorrow, we’ll be in Santorini and excursioning to Oia (which is described as “charming”) and will make a stop at a Santorini winery where we will sample wines made on the island. This was a must do for a couple of winos like ourselves. And since last time we travelled to Europe we did the Italian wine tasting/pairing, it seemed only right to continue to tradition. Plus, and I know they take and use the best photos in their promotional materials, how could we pass up this view!?


From Santorini we head to Mykonos which we will explore on our own. Everyone I’ve told we were going to Mykonos all has the same reaction: “Ooooohhhh, Mykonos!!!” So that seems like a good sign! We actually have few plans in Mykonos as we’ve been told numerous times just to wander. We wander well, and will look forward to exploring on our own without the schedule or structure of a tour.

Friday is our day at sea, and then our final port is Dubrovnik, Croatia. I knew very little about Croatia until a few years ago, and I can’t say I would have put it on my travel bucket list. However, Croatia recently got a lot of attention for their run in the World Cup. Dubrovnik is a UNESCO world heritage sight. And then I learned that Croatia is one of the filming sights for Game of Thrones, so now, all of sudden, I’m all about Dubrovnik! There was a Game of Thrones excursion offered by our cruise line. We’ll be doing our own, self-guided Game of Thrones walking tour instead.

In preparation for Dubrovnik I downloaded the walking tour map, watched a few reruns of my favorite Game of Throne episodes, and committed a few of these GoT quotables to memory!

_Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you._



As we wrap up our cruising, we’ll be headed to Milan via train, where we’ll spend the night and most of the next day before beginning our journey home via Iceland! Keep watching for instagram updates on where we are and what we’re seeing! You’re all troopers for indulging my need to talk about my vacation! Go drink some more of that Italian wine I recommended at it’s like you’re half way here!



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