A December reset, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend

Anybody else feel like they need to push the reset button at the start of December? I love the stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas, but this November has left me feeling like I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming from Halloween into the dead of winter. Remember October when it was 55 degrees, and the leaves were changing colors, and a light jacket would get you through the day, and the promise of all good things fall was in the air? Is it just me, or does that seem like it was a LONG time ago?

Maybe it’s because we didn’t really have a fall this year. This magical fall day in October that I’m describing…it happened maybe twice. It also snowed in October. It’s snowed quite a bit in November. It’s supposed to snow 6-8 inches on December 1st. Perhaps fall is a myth!

Maybe it’s because the start of my November was dominated by play dress rehearsals and performances, and that transitioned almost immediately into rehearsals for my church’s Christmas season music concert/celebration, and somehow this week also managed to shoehorn in a visiting dance troupe recital in our high school’s performing arts center, which the organizers guaranteed me they wouldn’t need my help for, but then this week suddenly decided they’d definitely need my help for. It also seems brutal that I now drive to and from work everyday in the dark. I assume the sun still comes up everyday. Then again, with the snow we’ve been having, it’s not like it’s been out that much anyway. The temperature sure doesn’t feel like the sun has been around.


In the interest of meeting myself where I’m at currently in this moment I have recently talked with a number of friends about how I feel worn pretty thin. That said, I am definitely a Christmas person, and I also know that I will start to draw energy from the holiday season as it comes rushing in. There is no better place to recharge than sitting next to my Christmas tree with the lights on and a fuzzy blanket draped over me, and that’s going to be amazing…as soon as I start getting home before 9:00pm.

Still, in my mind, December 1st has become a magical threshold. If I can make it to Saturday, everything will fall into place. I do weird kind of weird things to prompt myself to reset. I put a meal plan on the fridge starting December 1st. I planned a week of workouts starting December 1st. I bought this super snuggly scarf so that, when I do have to go out in the cold and snow this weekend, I can at least feel cozy about it. I’ve journaled about how amazing December 1st is going to feel. Who needs new year’s eve to make resolutions when you can reset right now…or at least tomorrow…December 1st!?

christmasIf you’re feeling a bit rundown, I invite you to reset with me on December 1st. Sometime between 1pm when the final dance number of this rogue recital concludes, and 7pm when I strike the first notes of the holiday celebration concert, it’s going to start to feel like the most wonderful time of the year…if for no other reason than I’m going to will it to be so. I’m good at crossing finish lines. I’ve never started a race I haven’t finished, and this November has felt like I’ve been sprinting a marathon that’s sucked everything I have at times. But November ends today! Finish line…check! And if we all just decided to make December awesome, then I’m sure it would be, for us and those around us. December 1st…reset…and I have just the bottle of wine to kick it off! 😉

Friday kudos to…

My husband should get all the kudos this week because I have spent almost no time at home, and he just keeps on keeping on like it’s no big deal. This has included putting up and taking down our Christmas tree twice (because he kept trying to be so helpful, but we needed the space in our living room for other things!), and putting the lights on the front of the house without being asked just because he knew it would make me happy to come home late at night after a long day and see them on, and doing laundry.

Anyone else who’s listened to me whine about my schedule this week. It’s going to get better! Just stick with me through December 1st!

Wine for your weekend

Firstly, let’s follow-up on last weekend’s wine for your weekend Cabernet Sauvignon night preview. Our options, you may recall, were True Myth from California, Col di Sasso from Tuscany, and Piatelli from Argentina. The consensus from the group was that the True Myth was the best of the bunch, and at the highest price point you may expect it to have the most layers and complexity. However, the overwhelming feeling was that all three of the choices were EXCELLENT Cabernets, and at the price point, the Piatelli was an exceptional bargain. Kudos to the sales woman who helped me make the picks for the night. All were exceptional and now come highly recommended.

I Image result for relax rieslingwas recently sent a fun infographic about which wines pair best with which type of Christmas cookies. Yours truly is a frosted sugar cookie lover. Soft sugar cookies, butter cream frosting, and, now I know, a glass of Riesling is apparently my pair du jour this Christmas season. Stay tuned this season for my favorite sugar cookie recipe, but as for a good Riesling, this weekend seems the perfect time to recommend Relax Riesling, California. I opened my first bottle of Relax while watching election returns come in. (As this is not a political blog, I won’t tell you which election required a bottle of wine, nor if it was celebratory or sorrowful. I’m 31…so keep your guesses within the last 10 years!) In any case, we’ve kicked back with Relax plenty of times since then. Slightly drier than other Rieslings, Relax is much more approachable for people who don’t generally like sugary sweet white wines, but also fruity enough to appease the palettes of those with a  wine sweet tooth. With notes of peach, apricot and citrus, there should be just enough acidity to cut through the buttery, creamy richess of a sugar cookie and frosting, thus the reason the two are paired. For those of you not pairing with Christmas baked goods, try seafood or a spicy Asian dish as a matching meal and you will not be disappointed!



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A former Wisconsinite, Kate now resides in southeast Minnesota with her husband where she teaches high school English and theater. She recently completed her master's degree in learning design and technology, and continues to study and advocate for arts integration in the classroom. A recipient of the RISE America grant for high school theater, Kate is working to innovate and expand theater opportunities for the students at PIHS. An avid distance runner, concert pianist, and want-to-be wine aficionado, Kate's blog "ink." is a passion project, embodying all the best parts of life: friends, food, wine, thoughtful conversation, style, and sass!

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