Josh and Kate build a house – an update, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend

build a house

It happened! Against all the terrible winter odds, the snow melted…on time even! This week the backhoe was delivered to our lot, and on Tuesday, amidst the threat of rain and not snow, they took the first few scoops of dirt off the top! In an ideal world with a perfect winter, we would have broken ground in mid/late March, so the fact that we only had to wait until very early April given the record breaking February…what a dream! I’m assuming this is Mother Nature’s apology for the six weeks of anxiety I suffered at the hands of snow days and blizzards during our spring musical. Fingers crossed that our delightful spring continues and we can proceed without delay!


While we’ve been waiting to dig, we’ve been trying to manage a handful of other smaller decisions…like choosing stain colors and picking out light fixtures. To his credit, Josh is tackling the much larger project of building all our custom cabinetry including the entire kitchen base and wall cabinets, the island, living room built-ins, the mantel, and the bathroom cabinets. I mentioned that I thought he should maybe also build a footboard for our bed and a dresser to match. That resulted in what we’ll call “the look.” There’s a pretty good chance I will see the look many times to come in the months ahead!

The fixtures posted above, however, are those that we did agree upon during our initial shopping excursion. The globe shaped chandelier would be for the dining room, while the other lights we’d suspend as pendant lights over the kitchen island. We have yet to come to such an amiable agreement about the cabinet stain, though the floor stain was a clear winner on the first try!

From here on out, “Josh and Kate build a house” updates will show up on their own special page on the website. If you’re a follower of ‘Ink’ you’ll still get the notification or email as per the usual! Many many more stories, photos, and video links to come. Plus, the occasional Facebook poll, so if you’re not an Ink Facebook follower, now may be a time to find it on social media!

Friday Kudos

Crescent Builders for delivering our excavation machinery and doing a little digging in the drizzle so that we could say we “broke ground.” Even though dirt began moving in earnest just a day later, that first scope of earth was the most exciting!

Ginger Boyce for the Friday pampering.

The Notre Dame women’s basketball team who will hopefully beat UConn tonight, but earlier this week gave a dear friend a big win over Stanford on her 60th birthday.

The Medcity Marathon which took the rolling hills out of the first seven miles of their course this year giving us, instead seven miles of flat to downhill running!

My sister and brother-in-law for becoming certified foster parents…and my brother-in-law again for being the only person left in our March Madness pool who can still get any points.

Wine for your weekend

One of my favorite wine buying expeditions is to the Costco liquor section. For whatever reason, Costco is notoriously good at curating their wine selection, and while I have some favorites that I’ll go back to again and again, they also have regularly rotating selection of special finds, and deals negotiated directly with distributors or wineries. I haven’t LOVED every bottle I’ve ever bought from Costco. But I’ve found that more often than not, I come away with winners when I shop there!

If you’ve never made a trip (or if you shop there often and maybe just didn’t know!) there are a couple of tricks to wine buying at Costco. One is to watch the price tags for clues as to how good a deal you’re getting. That’s not to say look for really inexpensive wines. Rather, an asterisk in the corner of the tag reveals that the wine is a markdown clearance item. It also means the wine won’t be restocked, so if it’s something you love…stock up now! If the price end in .97, that’s a markdown from the original resale price, and if it ends in .49 or .79, that’s a wine that Costco has negotiated a special price with the producer, sometimes at considerable cost savings to the consumer.

Also, it’s fair game to dig through the bins a bit. Costco often bins different vintages of the same label together, so pulling two bottles out of the same bin might give you a 2015 and a 2014. If there’s a certain vintage you want, it might be the only one in the bin. So don’t hesitate to move the bottles around…carefully…to find what you’re looking for. If they have a vintage you like, you may want to snatch it up right then and there. Wine turns over quickly and while the 2015 might be there this week, it could be all 2016 by next.

With spring in the air, it’s a great time to do a little spring shopping and wine hunting! If you’re looking for a specific wine recommendation this week, I’d recommend heading over to the new wine page and checking out a few of the wine list extras. They’ve never appeared on the blog before, so they should appeal to those looking for a brand new bottle. Or, find your favorite on the list of all the prior wine for your weekend reviews.




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