Week 19 – The saga of the siding

WEEK 19 – The saga of the siding!

Last winter, when the weather was terrible and it seemed like we’d never get started on the house, Josh and I sat down with a ‘house visualizer’ tool, and planned what we wanted the exterior of the house to look like. We came up with this image:


which we’ve shown a lot of people. The great thing about that visualizer was that it let you pick real products. So, for example, the shingles we put on this picture are the actual shingles we ordered this week as we prepared to start roofing.

We have changed a few things about this original design, opting for a darker red cedar posts for the porch, with a darker (and less expensive, if we’re being honest) garage door that didn’t need to be custom built. We also decided the open trusses on the porch would be faced in cedar to match the posts instead of white. But otherwise, we’ve been pretty committed to this design.

So when it came time to start talking about ordering siding, we went to the picture, looked at what siding we had picked, went to the store to make sure we liked it in person, and then….decided to wait on ordering it so that we didn’t have to store it the next few weeks while roofing and getting windows in. Waiting was the right choice for managing the materials we have on site and what we need to sore. But waiting gives you time to think, and waiting gives you time to look at other things! And waiting, in this case, gave the house around the corner from our current home time to tear off all their siding and start residing in a navy blue color that I LOVE!

dark blue house siding navy blue house with white trim dark blue house paint colors navy paint natural wood door navy blue house

Thus began my quest for this siding, which I started by trying to knock on the neighbor’s door and ask what siding they picked, while they invariably sat inside telling their dogs to stop barking and never answered my knocking. Then Josh suggested I tried to see what brand was on the boxes in their yard. This yielded the word “market,” which we eventually tracked down to the Market Square line offered by RBP. Certain that their “Indigo” color was the siding we wanted we ordered a sample…and that wasn’t it!

So the hunt continues! I currently have three siding chips, the sample I sent away for, and the entire Restoration Classic siding wheel from Menards on my kitchen table, and I’m pretty sure none of them are the color of that house…but I guess I’d compromise on a color if needed. A few more weeks before we need to order siding will give me a chance to keep hunting, so if you know of a great navy blue siding option somewhere local, let me know!!

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