Weeks 47- Every time we get setback it’s weeks not days :(

This week, I lost my mind a little bit!

And the was unfortunate because I really felt like I was doing better about being patient about taking things how they come and accepting that this was all taking a little more time than originally planned.

Maybe it was the constant stream of changing conditions re: COVID-19 and the fact that the whole world is a bit more on edge than usual that set me off. Or maybe it was the fact that our sheetrock, supposed to be in stock and delivered on March 6th, couldn’t be delivered until March 13th. And then when it was delivered, it was only part of the order.

That meant our sheetrock crew, who we had optimistically hoped could start Wednesday, now won’t start until probably this coming Monday.


I did express to Josh this week the frustration that has persisted this entire process is that when we lose time, it’s usually in weeks not days. Not…the sheetrock can’t be delivered Friday, so it will be here Monday, but…the sheetrock can’t be delivered Friday, so it will be here (in part) in another week.

Not…there are a few things to fix with your inspection, we’ll come back and check your repairs tomorrow, but…there’s an engineering flaw in your second story. It’s going to take two weeks to get that straightened out.

Not…we’re going to have a rainy day, but then it will clear up and we can get back to work, but…it’s going to rain for weeks, and then the sun might come out for half an afternoon!

Which probably all came to a head this week because, let’s face it, if after the brutal winter, soaked spring, messy summer, and frigid fall of 2019, if the early part of 2020 turns out to be meteorologically ideal only to have COVID-19 somehow interfere with this whole thing…I’m really going to start to wonder what I ever did to karma and the universe to deserve this kind of treatment!

Nevertheless, as we waited for sheetrock, Josh worked on soundproofing between the floors and getting things organized so that when everything is here, we can hit the ground running on the next big step.

Also, with the entire interior of the house now sealed in plastic, and our masks still around from the insulating process, we definitely look like a quarantine site!

Wash your hands! Cheers!

Published by Kate

A former Wisconsinite, Kate now resides in southeast Minnesota with her husband where she teaches high school English and theater. She recently completed her master's degree in learning design and technology, and continues to study and advocate for arts integration in the classroom. A recipient of the RISE America grant for high school theater, Kate is working to innovate and expand theater opportunities for the students at PIHS. An avid distance runner, concert pianist, and want-to-be wine aficionado, Kate's blog "ink." is a passion project, embodying all the best parts of life: friends, food, wine, thoughtful conversation, style, and sass!

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