Hi, I’m Kate…

Kate…foodie, fangirl, runner, reader, writer, wino, English teacher and theater aficionado living in Rochester, Minnesota, home of the world famous Mayo Clinic. I love to travel, drink wine, read books, tell stories, and chill with a tight knit group of friends that has bonded over doing much of the same!

In spring 2019, my husband Josh and I began building our own house. And while a small amount of the technical work is being subcontracted out, the vast majority of the construction, woodworking, and design is being done on our own. Watch our progress on Josh and Kate build a house!

My writing…

…was primarily done for my own enjoyment until college when I began writing weekly for the university newspaper The Racquet. As the managing editor for the “Lifestyle” section, I not only got my feet wet dabbling in writing for an audience, but also in the social and cultural trends that drive pop culture and make up that broad categories of both “life” and “style.” Today, that interest has been retooled into my blog ‘Ink’ which covers a little bit of everything!

More about my writing and my freelance work on the Writing page.



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