For Auld Lang Syne

Wine recommendation for this post: Cheers on your New Years! Best not to overthink it on New Years Eve! Pop culture generally, and generically, refers to such wines served at midnight on New Year’s Eve as Champagne. More often then not, the wine in question is not genuine Champagne, but rather some other form ofContinue reading “For Auld Lang Syne”

The 12 Wines of Christmas: 2020 Edition

Every year when the Costco wine advent calendar is released, at least half a dozen friends message me to ask if Josh and I will be partaking. We never have, mostly because it’s difficult to justify buying a case of blind wines when we already have cases of wine we’ve selected stacked in the house.Continue reading “The 12 Wines of Christmas: 2020 Edition”

Mental health and sports aren’t synonyms

Wine recommendation for this post: For a sports post there’s perhaps no better pairing than FitVine Cabernet. The FitVine wine label touts itself as being “healthier” than other wines because it’s low in residual sugar and contains no flavor additives. This is, generally speaking, true about their wines. But there are plenty of wines outContinue reading “Mental health and sports aren’t synonyms”

Sure, it’s game day…but when is it showtime?

Wine recommendation for this post:For a post about the arts I have to recommend something zesty with a fair bit of flair. Frontera ‘After Dark’ Malbec 2019 is a natural choice not only for it’s flavor profile and very approachable price point, but also because it’s a member of a wine collection partnered with SpotifyContinue reading “Sure, it’s game day…but when is it showtime?”

Book Shelves and Wine Racks – Fall 2020 Edition

There is absolutely nothing better than fall evenings with a blanket and a book. It’s simple, sheer perfection. This year more than ever, we need these little moments of peace and quiet to help bring us back into balance with our chaotic world. And there’s no greater balance to a good book than a goodContinue reading “Book Shelves and Wine Racks – Fall 2020 Edition”