Week 32: Cor…nices? Cor…bels?

You’d never know that I once took ‘History of Architecture’ to fulfill a world history credit in college based on how I’ve been talking about the exterior of our house recently. πŸ™„ I have very conveniently been making up names for the “little things that stick out the front of the peaks” since I toldContinue reading “Week 32: Cor…nices? Cor…bels?”

Wine for your Weekend: Wild Wild West

As a kid, the best day in “computer class” was on Fridays when we got free time to play games. And there was no better game to play than ‘The Oregon Trail.’ The goal was simple…get to Oregon via the virtual trail. At the beginning you choose your profession and how many provisions you wantedContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend: Wild Wild West”

Week 31 – Friends on our side(ing)

Week 31 – The start of November, and it’s getting colder. While we fortunately dodged the 5 inches of snow that fell some places this week, there is no denying that we’re running short on good days outside. “Falling back” on the clocks at the end of the week didn’t help much either, as weContinue reading “Week 31 – Friends on our side(ing)”

Week 29 – The saga of the siding part 2

WEEK 29 – I’ve been asking Josh to put just one piece of siding on the house for weeks…just so I can see it…just so I can imagine what it’s going to look like and secretly to verify that I did, in fact, make the right choice out of all of those siding samples onContinue reading “Week 29 – The saga of the siding part 2”

Wine for your weekend: Tuscany at your table!

One of the things that Josh and I like to do when we travel is to drink wine from the local region. Not every area is known for its wine, but many areas make their own wines, and it’s interesting to get a feel for a place through its wine. We’ve found great wine inContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: Tuscany at your table!”

Four non-fiction reads this fall!

There is nothing quite like a gray fall morning with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a good book. Unless of course, it’s a sunny fall morning that’s unseasonably warm so that I can sneak out onto the patio one last time and soak in the sun with a blanket, a cup of tea,Continue reading “Four non-fiction reads this fall!”

Week 28 – Inside stuff AND outside stuff!

WEEK 28 – When snow hit the forecast for the first time this week, I had the immediate reaction that it has only not been snowing for two months. How do I live in a place where it doesn’t snow only two months out of the entire year?! In truth, it hasn’t snowed since April, andContinue reading “Week 28 – Inside stuff AND outside stuff!”

Easy autumn wild rice soup

One of the most undeniably lovely things about fall setting in and the weather getting colder is the deliciousness of tucking into a warm bowl of soup for supper. There’s just something about soup in October that tastes different than soup in July, not to mention the simple fact that few are going to beContinue reading “Easy autumn wild rice soup”

Wine for your weekend – Everyday bubbly

I don’t pick up sparkling wine a lot, but there are some occasions that just call for a glass of bubbly! I like a sparkling wine with appetizers. I like a sparkling wine with brunch (you know, mimosa style!). I like a sparkling wine as a dessert wine or nightcap. And I like a sparklingContinue reading “Wine for your weekend – Everyday bubbly”