Week 64: My fake Yelp review of our flake landscaper

Towards the end of April, as the ground thawed and our muddy pit of a yard revealed itself again, we called a bunch of landscapers to inquire about having the final grade of the yard done. We found someone willing to take on the project, who came out to the house a few times toContinue reading “Week 64: My fake Yelp review of our flake landscaper”

Week 63: Don’t worry about it; I’m just going to buy some furniture!

Last week, I was all but begging to finish something…anything. This week, we finish a whole room! The bonus room over the garage wasn’t the most likely candidate for the fist room to finish. I would have said that was most likely the dining room, which pretty much just needs baseboard to be complete. However,Continue reading “Week 63: Don’t worry about it; I’m just going to buy some furniture!”

Week 62: Let’s just finish SOMETHING

I had a little bit of a meltdown this week. I have, I think, been pretty even keel through most of the house building project, save a few misunderstandings and frustrations about how I imagined things would go versus how they actually happened. Midweek, however, after frustratingly trying to hang a mirror that had theContinue reading “Week 62: Let’s just finish SOMETHING”

Week 61: The wood anniversary

This week was our five year anniversary…the “wood” anniversary if you go by the traditional gifting themes. We have not gone by the traditional gifting themes since our 2nd anniversary, which was cotton, when we decided to buy a new couch, which supposedly had some cotton in it. 😂 For the record, the third anniversaryContinue reading “Week 61: The wood anniversary”

Week 60: Levers or knobs, doors on everything, and the thing that some people can’t seem to grasp

When we first started building the house, and would tell people that we were building our own house, a surprising number of people told me that they had also built their own houses. When asked further about their experience building, it turned out what people actually meant was they had acted as general contractor onContinue reading “Week 60: Levers or knobs, doors on everything, and the thing that some people can’t seem to grasp”

Week 59: Insulation and sanding everything with Dad and Mom

So two biggest projects that got knocked out in week 59 were probably also the least photogenic projects. With my parents in town for a few days, Josh wanted to knock out the major job of blowing the loose insulation into the attic and above the garage, and God bless my dad for feeding insulationContinue reading “Week 59: Insulation and sanding everything with Dad and Mom”

Week 57: Bits of this and that

With the school year winding down and summer heating up, the stream of “when are you going to move questions” started full force this week The answer is kind of two fold. On the one hand, I’d love to absolutely, positively say that we’ll be done and moved this summer…but Josh won’t promise me that.Continue reading “Week 57: Bits of this and that”

Week 55: Let’s just go gangbusters!

Week 55 was a happy anomaly in our building project. We’ve had many setback weeks, stretches where I looked back on bad weather, or materials being delayed, or the pandemic, and resented how much time we’d lost in the course of seven days. This week, by about Tuesday, we’d accomplished more than we have inContinue reading “Week 55: Let’s just go gangbusters!”