Week 57: Bits of this and that

With the school year winding down and summer heating up, the stream of “when are you going to move questions” started full force this week The answer is kind of two fold. On the one hand, I’d love to absolutely, positively say that we’ll be done and moved this summer…but Josh won’t promise me that.Continue reading “Week 57: Bits of this and that”

Week 55: Let’s just go gangbusters!

Week 55 was a happy anomaly in our building project. We’ve had many setback weeks, stretches where I looked back on bad weather, or materials being delayed, or the pandemic, and resented how much time we’d lost in the course of seven days. This week, by about Tuesday, we’d accomplished more than we have inContinue reading “Week 55: Let’s just go gangbusters!”

Week 54: Piles, tiles, and a plot twist!

This week, I pulled up to the house on Thursday, and there were big piles of black dirt in the front yard. This was, momentarily excited as we had recently talked with a landscaper who had agreed to do our final grade, and I thought they must be getting underway now that the weather wasContinue reading “Week 54: Piles, tiles, and a plot twist!”

Week 53: Throw yourself into something!

Despite the featured image…don’t throw yourself into a fireplace! Last week was a little weird. The weather got increasingly nicer and it felt like spring was truly right around the corner, and that made everything feel slightly better and was maybe moving towards “normal.” Then school was closed for the rest of the year, andContinue reading “Week 53: Throw yourself into something!”

Week 52: One year down…

Week 52… I’m conflicted between feeling like a year went very fast and feeling like I lived five years in the course of the last one. And with days feeling like weeks and weeks like months during this pandemic crisis, it could feel like years before we actually finish this thing! Fortunately, in this “finishContinue reading “Week 52: One year down…”

Week 51 – A splash of color arrives!

Once upon a time, when we first decided to build a house, I went Pinterest crazy picking out all kinds of things that could go into the new house. One of my largest house Pinterest boards was for paint colors! I had over 26 different colors of paint picked out and saved for the house.Continue reading “Week 51 – A splash of color arrives!”

Week 49: Any progress is good progress

This is a first world problem… As COVID-19 continues it’s rampage around the world, and people are sick and dying, and medical facilities are running out of equipment, and millions are unemployed, I get that the fact that I can’t build my house on schedule is a MASSIVE first world problem! But this week, IContinue reading “Week 49: Any progress is good progress”

Week 48 – Racing to beat the end of the World!

There was a moment this week, when this whole COVID-19 thing flipped a switch in my brain from “This is kind of interesting. I wonder how this is going to go down!” to “OH SHIT! This is bad. This is going to ruin everything!” And once I got through processing how many people could getContinue reading “Week 48 – Racing to beat the end of the World!”