Week 45 – Winter hindsight

Here’s a funny thing about one winter to the next. Last year, as we planned to start our house project, we had the optimistic hope that if we had a perfect winter situation, we could dig our foundation in February. Of course, if you’re new to these home posts, or just forgot, this is whatContinue reading “Week 45 – Winter hindsight”

Week 44 – Keeping it warm as it got COLD!

This week got COLD… As in it was -20 degrees on Thursday morning before the windchill. Also as in the end of the week got me down hard with a nasty cold that had me laid up on the couch with my tea and Netflix. Fortunately, Josh is really good at taking care of me,Continue reading “Week 44 – Keeping it warm as it got COLD!”

Week 43 – No apology needed?

Here’s a funny thing about what happened with our blueprints and inspection and waiting for the engineer to give us the fix we needed to get passed our load bearing wall issue. When I tell people that story, they all have the same reaction(s): “Well did the engineer apologize?” “Are they paying for the newContinue reading “Week 43 – No apology needed?”

Week 42 – Take a load off

We kicked off this week with our framing inspection, and as I’ve previously bemoaned, I’m not really sure why this comes so late in the process!? I mean, I do generally understand that they’re looking to make sure that the mechanicals (electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc.) haven’t compromised the overall structure of the house. But they’reContinue reading “Week 42 – Take a load off”

Weeks 40 – 41: Live wires and framing the big picture

So our electrical inspection passed with only a few minor tweaks that needed to be adjusted, and the inspector essentially saying that the house is extra safe because we have bigger breakers than we need, and far far far fewer outlets on each circuit than they worry about. We were worried we might be overboardContinue reading “Weeks 40 – 41: Live wires and framing the big picture”

Week 39 – Doo doo doo doo doo…inspector gadget…doo doo doo doo doo doo doooooo

Not a lot of pictures with this week’s update as it turns out that running the electric tends to look pretty much the same as it progresses. Ok…that’s not totally fair…a lot more wires show up and there are plenty of new circuits and outlet boxes that have shown up in the last week. ButContinue reading “Week 39 – Doo doo doo doo doo…inspector gadget…doo doo doo doo doo doo doooooo”

Week 38 – Cruising into Christmas on the e-train

It’s a funny thing how the world works. In November when we were desperate for a few nice days to finish the siding, it was inexplicably -11 degrees. Now, it’s the end of December, and we’re set to spend a few days with my family. We’ve moved inside to work on electrical and while it’sContinue reading “Week 38 – Cruising into Christmas on the e-train”

Week 36 and 37: Finishing the siding, fighting the cold

I waited a few days after week 36 to write the summary post, thus crossing into week 37, because I couldn’t bring myself to write one more variation of “Waiting for it to stop snowing/get warmer/etc. to put up the last six pieces of siding!” And by waiting until, now, Wednesday of week 37, IContinue reading “Week 36 and 37: Finishing the siding, fighting the cold”