Week 10 – Building walls

WEEK 10 – Let’s talk about building walls! Having laid the subfloor last week, week 10 was all about starting to frame exterior walls, the largest of which was a 42′ beast that ran the entire…east???…side of the house. Josh decided to frame it, sheet it, and wrap it all while it was laying flatContinue reading “Week 10 – Building walls”

Week 9 – Where there’s a floor, there could be more!

WEEK 9 – FINALLY!!! It’s amazing what finally gets done when you have a week of weather that cooperates for a change. It’s possible that last week was the first week that we didn’t lose a day to rain and bad weather, and suddenly, things started moving right along. Also, last week was the endContinue reading “Week 9 – Where there’s a floor, there could be more!”

Week 8 – Please stop raining!

WEEK 8 – Please, for the love of everything, let it stop raining! We’ve had a whole April and now May’s worth of cool, soggy weather, and anytime it’s ready to quit is good with us! Despite the continual showers all week, we passed our foundation inspection and were able to start to backfill thisContinue reading “Week 8 – Please stop raining!”

Week 7 – The one where the lumber shows up

WEEK 7 – Week 7 should be subtitled, ‘I don’t think I’ll be able to feel my arms tomorrow’ as that was the main sentiment after hauling all our own floor joists from the front of the lot to the back of the lot! I stand corrected, they’re not actually floor joists; they are floor trusses.Continue reading “Week 7 – The one where the lumber shows up”

Week 6 – We just took over!

WEEK 6 – We officially took over the building process this week as we made the first payment on our excavation and foundation work, and they moved all the machinery, forms, trucks, etc. off the job site! This revelation is both welcome progress, and anxiety inducing singularity as we’re now the masters of our ownContinue reading “Week 6 – We just took over!”

Week 5 – It’s still raining and the forms fell apart

WEEK 5 – Perhaps, one of these weeks, the weather will cooperate and we will get five days of sunshine in a row. This week, was not that week! However, despite another rainy start on Monday and Tuesday, when the rain finally cleared out Wednesday afternoon, we were ready to roll to pour our foundation…atContinue reading “Week 5 – It’s still raining and the forms fell apart”

Week 4 – It’s happening! It’s happening!

WEEK 4 – Big steps this week in both what’s happening on the homesite and the preparations we’re making away from the lot in advance of starting to be able to frame and build. At the lot, despite another deluge on Thursday leaving everything in “the hole” soggy again, the sunshine and warm weather fromContinue reading “Week 4 – It’s happening! It’s happening!”

Week 3 – Slowly…ever so slowly…

WEEK 3 – In these first few weeks, progress has felt a little bit like taking two steps forward and one back. After stalling for the six inches of snow before we could finish digging our hole, this last week we pushed to getting footings in before the anticipated rainstorm towards the end of theContinue reading “Week 3 – Slowly…ever so slowly…”

Josh and Kate build a house – an update, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend

It happened! Against all the terrible winter odds, the snow melted…on time even! This week the backhoe was delivered to our lot, and on Tuesday, amidst the threat of rain and not snow, they took the first few scoops of dirt off the top! In an ideal world with a perfect winter, we would haveContinue reading “Josh and Kate build a house – an update, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend”