Week 23 – Dad visits again and stuff gets done!

WEEK 23 – Given how slowly things progressed at times this summer, I got really excited about this week when all of a sudden, things started to fall in place in rapid succession. It started last weekend, with a big push to get all those jumbo, glorious windows in. We’re close now, very close, withContinue reading “Week 23 – Dad visits again and stuff gets done!”

Week 19 – The saga of the siding

WEEK 19 – The saga of the siding! Last winter, when the weather was terrible and it seemed like we’d never get started on the house, Josh and I sat down with a ‘house visualizer’ tool, and planned what we wanted the exterior of the house to look like. We came up with this image: whichContinue reading “Week 19 – The saga of the siding”

Week 22 – Windows of opportunity!

WEEK 22 – Sing along if you know the tune! “There’s a window….in the wall!! It’s not raining in the hall! No water at all!” If you don’t know the tune, where were you during my middle and high school years? This week we’re getting serious about getting the house sealed up tight, and it’sContinue reading “Week 22 – Windows of opportunity!”

Week 21 – The one where it rains, but I stop caring!

WEEK 21 – This is a picture of the living room of our house. I’ve showed plenty of pictures like this before, so it may not seem that significant. But it is! Why you might ask? Well, because, though you might not be able to see it in the picture, it was pouring down rainContinue reading “Week 21 – The one where it rains, but I stop caring!”

Week 20 – What are we even doing?

WEEK 20 – Josh won’t like that this is how I categorize week 20, but it’s the most accurate description of how things went! Every day during week 20 I drove to the lot, looked at the house and said: “I know you’ve been doing things, but I’m not really sure what it is…” Then heContinue reading “Week 20 – What are we even doing?”

Week 18 – It’s only a matter of time before it rains again

WEEK 18 – Two for two on rain free weeks that help us get things done! This week, Josh and I decided to band together and go full speed ahead on getting all the rest of the rafters up over the house. The sooner the rafters are up, the sooner the roof can go on, theContinue reading “Week 18 – It’s only a matter of time before it rains again”

Week 17 – It finally didn’t rain for 7 days in a row!

WEEK 17 – We looked back over the entire building process thus far, and I can confidently attest to Week 17 being the first week since we’ve started building that it didn’t rain a single day!! Ok…that’s not true…it did rain at night…and it did rain on Sunday. But you know what? We don’t work atContinue reading “Week 17 – It finally didn’t rain for 7 days in a row!”

Week 16 – A really bad one!

WEEK 16 – When we started building the house, Josh and I decided that I was “allowed” to use the phrase “This is why I never wanted to build a house…” 12 times. I used one this week! After waiting for our lift to arrive through last week and the weekend, it showed up Tuesday afternoonContinue reading “Week 16 – A really bad one!”

Week 14 – Drying out, building on

WEEK 14 – After flooding last week, anything less than 8 inches of rain was going to feel like success. So after a soggy Tuesday and Wednesday, a sunny Fourth of July followed by 4 more days of sunshine saw some notable progress being made! We started with a 4th of July breakfast lift of theContinue reading “Week 14 – Drying out, building on”