Four things for the start of November

We’re down to the final two months, months packed with holidays, shopping, food, decorations, and lots and lots of holiday themed movies, most of which will include a sappy love story for good measure. Though many of the local department stores began displaying their Christmas decor weeks ago, I like to subscribe to the generalContinue reading “Four things for the start of November”

How the fittest I’ve ever been became the unhealthiest I ever was

In the fall of 2012, as I was about to start my second full year of teaching, I also decided that I wanted to run a marathon. I’d run five half marathons at that point, and a couple of triathlons, and it seemed like the next big endurance hurdle to clear. My fall teaching scheduleContinue reading “How the fittest I’ve ever been became the unhealthiest I ever was”

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything on social media!

Once upon a time, when the idea for this blog first crept up, I dreamed of having a guest video segment with my friend Kim. We were going to call in “Unpopular Opinions with Kim,” and it was essentially going to be a three-minute rant/conversation about something that Kim didn’t like, understand, or see theContinue reading “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything on social media!”

The desert island questions

There are at least a dozen, exceptionally over used icebreaker questions about desert islands. What would you bring with you on a desert island? What one thing could you not live without on a desert island? You find yourself on a desert island, what’s the first thing you look for? You’re on a desert islandContinue reading “The desert island questions”

4 things for the start of October

                  Fall has fallen over the upper midwest, and that means it’s time for all the best things! Frosty mornings, cozy sweaters, snuggly sweaters, bonfires, Halloween, pumpkins, porch mums, and, of course, the changing leaves all bring this season to life for me and make it oneContinue reading “4 things for the start of October”

Should it matter what we did when we were young?

Watch High School Musical, and the sing-songing cast will make its best case for high school being the best years of your life. Balony! High school was a great many things, but as I went to college, got a job, met my husband and got married, I pretty quickly realized that while it had aContinue reading “Should it matter what we did when we were young?”

Amazon products so good that I bought two

Sometimes I’m in the mood to browse at the store, and sometimes I’m in it for convenience, speed, and variety. Yes, there’s something to be said for walking through a small boutique or market and rifling through unique items looking for the perfect, bespoke item for whatever occasion; but there can be something equally asContinue reading “Amazon products so good that I bought two”

A ten minute yoga routine for those who hate yoga routines

This past summer I had a grand idea that I was going to become a yogi. Not a certified instructor or anything crazy like that, just someone who didn’t hate practicing yoga as much as I sometimes hate it. I’m a regular Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to my yoga practice. Though I’m horrendouslyContinue reading “A ten minute yoga routine for those who hate yoga routines”

Wear your heart on your sleeve…or your wrist

There are a lot of internet fashion trends going around. Anytime a celebrity steps out in a new look…trend. Anytime a royal family member shows up in public…trend. Anytime a former Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant starts a new fashion endorsement campaign on instagram…trend. Influencers have a lot to say about the “looks” that become theContinue reading “Wear your heart on your sleeve…or your wrist”

I should have given this toast at my thirtieth birthday party

Saturday is my birthday. I’ll be 31 years old. Somewhere around the age of 25 my birthday started to feel less like a momentous occasion to celebrate, and more like one more day in the inevitable march towards old age. Of all my birthdays, I took 25 the hardest. I saw myself as halfway toContinue reading “I should have given this toast at my thirtieth birthday party”