Week 34: Racing the snow storm

It turns out there are many crappy things about siding a house…particularly a two story house with high up peaks. There’s a high restocking fee on our siding, so we didn’t want to order too much. Therefore, we’ve run out of trim/facia board and had to reorder, and we’re dangerously close to not having enoughContinue reading “Week 34: Racing the snow storm”

Week 32: Cor…nices? Cor…bels?

You’d never know that I once took ‘History of Architecture’ to fulfill a world history credit in college based on how I’ve been talking about the exterior of our house recently. 🙄 I have very conveniently been making up names for the “little things that stick out the front of the peaks” since I toldContinue reading “Week 32: Cor…nices? Cor…bels?”

Wine for your Weekend: Wild Wild West

As a kid, the best day in “computer class” was on Fridays when we got free time to play games. And there was no better game to play than ‘The Oregon Trail.’ The goal was simple…get to Oregon via the virtual trail. At the beginning you choose your profession and how many provisions you wantedContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend: Wild Wild West”

Four non-fiction reads this fall!

There is nothing quite like a gray fall morning with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a good book. Unless of course, it’s a sunny fall morning that’s unseasonably warm so that I can sneak out onto the patio one last time and soak in the sun with a blanket, a cup of tea,Continue reading “Four non-fiction reads this fall!”

Easy autumn wild rice soup

One of the most undeniably lovely things about fall setting in and the weather getting colder is the deliciousness of tucking into a warm bowl of soup for supper. There’s just something about soup in October that tastes different than soup in July, not to mention the simple fact that few are going to beContinue reading “Easy autumn wild rice soup”

Unpopular Opinion: ‘The Four Agreements’ is a better poster than book!

About a year ago, as I was searching for appropriate artwork and posters for my classroom, I came across this poster or ‘The Four Agreements.’ I didn’t know anything about Don Miguel Ruiz, the credited author, but figured he must be a motivational speaker type, and I loved his message. It seemed perfect for settingContinue reading “Unpopular Opinion: ‘The Four Agreements’ is a better poster than book!”

Guilty pleasure reading list in five genres

Summer: patio sitting on warm afternoons, frosty drinks, grilling out, flip-flops, hammocks in the shade, and if you’re lucky…vacation. Even if you’re not hitting the open road or jet setting to distant lands, summer provides a chance to relax a little, enjoy a late night out in the backyard around a bonfire, take advantage ofContinue reading “Guilty pleasure reading list in five genres”

The meal I simply can’t forget (and how you can try and duplicate it)

I want you to close your eyes. Ok…read the next paragraph first, then close your eyes and imagine! I want you to think about the greatest meal you’ve ever eaten. Maybe it was a holiday. Maybe it was a home cooked creation worthy of a five-star restaurant. Maybe it was on vacation. Maybe it’s yourContinue reading “The meal I simply can’t forget (and how you can try and duplicate it)”