Wine for your weekend – Katherine Goldschmidt Cabernet Sauvignon

Two years ago, “Josh” wines showed up at our local liquor store. With a husband named Josh, they quickly became a staple on our wine rack. I bought our first bottle or two because I thought it was cute. People gifted him bottles because they thought it was clever. And then the distribution of “Josh”Continue reading “Wine for your weekend – Katherine Goldschmidt Cabernet Sauvignon”

Wine for your weekend – Cline Old Vine Zinfandel

Here’s a quick tip for seeking out a good bottle of wine! If you have someone staying with you from Northern California, and that person also happens to be a self described wino, and they offer to be the one to run to the liquor store to grab a bottle of wine for the night…letContinue reading “Wine for your weekend – Cline Old Vine Zinfandel”

Wine for your weekend – Malbec edition

This wine for your weekend recommendation was originally going to be non-alcoholic alternatives for times you can’t indulge. Why? Because this Sunday is my marathon, and so I haven’t been drinking (with the exception of a glass of wine for girls’ night) as I taper for the race. Then, we were invited for a MemorialContinue reading “Wine for your weekend – Malbec edition”

Wine for your weekend – winos in the wild

My friends and I like to pretend that we are winos, and to the extent that we probably know at least a little bit more about wine than the average Joe buying a bottle of Cupcake out of the bargain shopping cart at the front of the store (Cupcake wine is delicious BTW, not knockingContinue reading “Wine for your weekend – winos in the wild”

Wine for your weekend – Mom’s white zinfandel edition

I have been very red wine heavy in the recent weeks, a likely product of the weather not really warming up and watching a lot of death and bloodshed on Game of Thrones. Is it necessary to drink red wine exclusively while watching unfolding carnage? No. But it feels somehow off to sit and relax with aContinue reading “Wine for your weekend – Mom’s white zinfandel edition”

Earth documentaries and wine for your weekend

Recently, we’ve been considering cutting back on the number of streaming services that we pay for each month. Currently our options include: Spectrum, Netflix, Hulu, CBSsports (because I biffed and didn’t cancel fast enough after the Super Bowl, but it should end soon!), Amazon Prime video,  and HBO Now. There’s a fair amount of overlapContinue reading “Earth documentaries and wine for your weekend”

Wine(s) for your weekend…and the week or month hereafter!

Sometimes you go to the wine store looking for a perfect bottle for a specific occasion. Such was the case last weekend when I went looking for the wine to compliment our roasted lamb for Easter dinner. Other times you go looking for an array of options to restock your wine rack, an errand thatContinue reading “Wine(s) for your weekend…and the week or month hereafter!”

Friday kudos, wine for your weekend

Check back this weeked on the Josh and Kate build a house page for this week’s progress update! Friday kudos… If you’re a musician, pastor, worship leader, reader, etc. in any kind of Christian denomination this week, then kudos to you, because Holy Week is like a marathon. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, I willContinue reading “Friday kudos, wine for your weekend”

A practical guide to wine glasses

There are three main cabinets of dishes in our kitchen. The main one above the dishwasher holds our daily use plates and bowls, coffee cups, water glasses, and a collection of stemless wine glasses that we use as daily use juice glasses. A small one of the other side of the counter holds our “specialContinue reading “A practical guide to wine glasses”

Get ready for GOT, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend

Not everyone is going to be quite as excited about this first point as I am, but I also know I’m not the only one excited that finally, after two years of waiting, the final season of Game of Thrones starts this Sunday! Winter has come and gone and come again since we were lastContinue reading “Get ready for GOT, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend”