Made a mistake? Don’t tell the internet!

Last weekend, a disposable coffee cup showed up in a scene from the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I watched episode almost the moment HBO released it, and never noticed the blunder, though it was extremely hard to miss it the next day online and on social media. Spot the cup in the screenshot below, it’sContinue reading “Made a mistake? Don’t tell the internet!”

Don’t say it: “It will work out. It always does…” edition

I teach and direct high school theater. When I tell this to people, it’s generally met with one of a handful of common reactions ranging from excitement from those who were in high school theater and are now going to tell me about it, to sympathy from those who can’t imagine dedicating their life andContinue reading “Don’t say it: “It will work out. It always does…” edition”

Your 2AM friends

I recently heard a young couple recount their story of struggling to find a community of young families and professionals in the various cities they’d lived in. They started in Colorado, just before they were married where they had a close-knit group of friends, then moved to Seattle where they found it much more difficultContinue reading “Your 2AM friends”

The 11 week marathon experiment

When I ran my last marathon in October of 2014, I was relatively certain I would not need to run another one! I’d run my first, the 2013 Chicago Marathon a year earlier as a personal dare. It was the thing that I kept talking myself out of running. In a surge of adrenaline andContinue reading “The 11 week marathon experiment”

Thoughts on 31 day mental wellness challenges, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend

I recently set out to complete a 31 days mental wellness challenge. More accurately, I recently tried twice to start a 31 day mental wellness challenge, but on both attempts, I stopped woefully short of making it through the entire month. This was not a product of losing interest in mental wellness, but rather thatContinue reading “Thoughts on 31 day mental wellness challenges, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend”

What’s hygge and how do you find it?

Browsing for things for #joshandkatebuildahouse has become a favorite pastime of mine this winter. Though I’m generally anxiety ridden about the actual process of home building, the parts I like thus far include filling up Pinterest boards with room ideas, and generating an Amazon wish list called “Things for the Laack Nest,” which provides muchContinue reading “What’s hygge and how do you find it?”

Two books to kick off your best year yet!

This Christmas, my brother and I participated in a very 21st century version of the ritualistic exchanging of Christmas lists by sharing our Amazon shopping lists. Correction, I exchanged with him a modified Amazon shopping list because my actual wish list includes the shampoo I regularly reorder and at least 16 things I’m saving forContinue reading “Two books to kick off your best year yet!”

5 things for the start of the new year

Happy New Year!! It’s 2019!! How does it feel? Some of us sprinted to the finish line of 2018, grateful to have made it in one piece. Some of us dragged our feet, reluctant to leave behind what was, perhaps, the best year ever. Maybe you’re unsure of where you stand on the whole prospectContinue reading “5 things for the start of the new year”

The last post of 2019, Friday kudos, wine for your New Year’s Eve!

We interrupt this holiday bog hiatus for a final post of 2018. One more chance to kudos the good, drink to the great, and think through those things that maybe could have gone better, all in the name of living our best lives in the new year ahead! Are you a resolution maker? I tendContinue reading “The last post of 2019, Friday kudos, wine for your New Year’s Eve!”

On the couch with Cece, LICSW; the holidays and anxiety

I can clearly remember the first time someone used the word “anxiety” to describe the way I handled stress in my life. I was in college when I started waking up at 4:00am with my thoughts racing and my stomach in knots. I’d lay in bed tossing and turning thinking about the stupid things I’dContinue reading “On the couch with Cece, LICSW; the holidays and anxiety”