The Barnes and Noble Date

I’m a dedicated online shopper. I want to support small businesses and shop local, and I do try, but especially this time of year when the weather gets bad and the parking lots get crazy, and I’ve got a dozen different types of things to find for a dozen different people, it is almost tooContinue reading “The Barnes and Noble Date”

The best recommendations of the summer!

It’s the last day of July, meaning summer is winding down. With one month left, it’s time to make the best of August and squeeze in a little extra patio time, fire pit time, grill time, and free time! This summer I’ve enjoyed some great books, some great podcasts, and great music all on theContinue reading “The best recommendations of the summer!”

Unpopular Opinion: ‘The Four Agreements’ is a better poster than book!

About a year ago, as I was searching for appropriate artwork and posters for my classroom, I came across this poster or ‘The Four Agreements.’ I didn’t know anything about Don Miguel Ruiz, the credited author, but figured he must be a motivational speaker type, and I loved his message. It seemed perfect for settingContinue reading “Unpopular Opinion: ‘The Four Agreements’ is a better poster than book!”

Guilty pleasure reading list in five genres

Summer: patio sitting on warm afternoons, frosty drinks, grilling out, flip-flops, hammocks in the shade, and if you’re lucky…vacation. Even if you’re not hitting the open road or jet setting to distant lands, summer provides a chance to relax a little, enjoy a late night out in the backyard around a bonfire, take advantage ofContinue reading “Guilty pleasure reading list in five genres”

Turtles All the Way Down, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend

Somewhere in mid-June 2014, Josh and I went to see the movie┬áThe Fault in Our Stars at the theater. Based on the John Green young adult novel of the same title,┬áThe Fault in Our Stars is a non-conventional love story featuring two chronically ill teenagers who meet in their cancer support group, fall for eachContinue reading “Turtles All the Way Down, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend”

The Runner’s Reading List

I’m a person who does best with a project. Even when those projects become too big and completely overwhelming, I’d more often rather be doing something than not. I don’t rest very well. I rarely remain idle. I like time by myself to be sure, but I do best when that time is structured andContinue reading “The Runner’s Reading List”

Two books to kick off your best year yet!

This Christmas, my brother and I participated in a very 21st century version of the ritualistic exchanging of Christmas lists by sharing our Amazon shopping lists. Correction, I exchanged with him a modified Amazon shopping list because my actual wish list includes the shampoo I regularly reorder and at least 16 things I’m saving forContinue reading “Two books to kick off your best year yet!”

Winter reading list: 4 books to warm your heart when the weather turns cold

Put yourself in this scene. Snow is coming down; candles glow on the coffee table; you’re wrapped up in a cozy blanket with a glass of tea, wine, or eggnog close at hand. Now, what book sits open in your lap? For me, cold winter nights lend themselves just as easily to diving into anContinue reading “Winter reading list: 4 books to warm your heart when the weather turns cold”

Four books for those fall Saturdays when you just want a blanket and a good read

I generally find my schedule affords me two excellent times of the year to read: summer vacation and unscheduled winter weekends. This summer, I devoured books on our trip to Europe. I read on the plane, on the train, on the cruise ship, in the hotels. I went through all the reading material I broughtContinue reading “Four books for those fall Saturdays when you just want a blanket and a good read”

Books that shake you, Friday kudos, wine for you weekend

At our first back to school inservice day this week, a colleague approached me in a flurry of excitement. “I have a question for you! Wait here!” she exclaimed, as she rushed over to her school bag. Curious as to her inquiry, I did wait there, and she quickly returned with the name of aContinue reading “Books that shake you, Friday kudos, wine for you weekend”