Week 43 – No apology needed?

Here’s a funny thing about what happened with our blueprints and inspection and waiting for the engineer to give us the fix we needed to get passed our load bearing wall issue. When I tell people that story, they all have the same reaction(s): “Well did the engineer apologize?” “Are they paying for the newContinue reading “Week 43 – No apology needed?”

Week 42 – Take a load off

We kicked off this week with our framing inspection, and as I’ve previously bemoaned, I’m not really sure why this comes so late in the process!? I mean, I do generally understand that they’re looking to make sure that the mechanicals (electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc.) haven’t compromised the overall structure of the house. But they’reContinue reading “Week 42 – Take a load off”

Week 38 – Cruising into Christmas on the e-train

It’s a funny thing how the world works. In November when we were desperate for a few nice days to finish the siding, it was inexplicably -11 degrees. Now, it’s the end of December, and we’re set to spend a few days with my family. We’ve moved inside to work on electrical and while it’sContinue reading “Week 38 – Cruising into Christmas on the e-train”

Built to Last – What’s on the blueprint?

We bought our house plan off the internet. When Josh started to seriously consider whether or not we should build, and I told him I’d build if we could find a house plan that we both fell in love with, I Google searched “4 bedroom craftsman blueprints” and started clicking through options. I found IContinue reading “Built to Last – What’s on the blueprint?”

Built to Last – When you’re not “trending”…

I really really really didn’t want to have a Pinterest wedding. That is not to say that I didn’t go to Pinterest for ideas or inspiration to share with Josh and our vendors, but I did not want to have the kind of wedding that people looked at and immediately thought, “Oh yeah! I sawContinue reading “Built to Last – When you’re not “trending”…”

Built to Last – Don’t buy your doors first!

When you buy a lot to build a house, you’re immediately faced with the imposing question of when you’re going to build it. We closed on our lot in late October of 2018, and, as the weather had already started to turn for the worse that fall, decided that we’d wait to dig our foundationContinue reading “Built to Last – Don’t buy your doors first!”

Built to Last – From our foundations

In April of 2014, just a few months before Josh and I were married, we attended a couples’ retreat day as part of our church’s marriage preparation requirements. The day was a bit of a mixed bag of church teachings about relationships, professional advice from financial advisors and family therapists about their various areas ofContinue reading “Built to Last – From our foundations”