Unpopular opinion? There is no “War on Christmas”

A preface: Sometimes, I know my opinions are going to be unpopular. After my Thanksgiving post, plenty of people approached me defending their green bean casseroles and canned cranberry sauce, and that’s fine. Similarly, last year when I wrote my Christmas letter post, I ended up receiving Christmas letters from people with little personal notesContinue reading “Unpopular opinion? There is no “War on Christmas””

Wine for your weekend: Christmas in “July” edition

This weekend, my friends will gather for our third annual Christmas in July celebration. For those of your keeping track, yes I know it’s August, and no I didn’t forget to publish this post a month ago. Instead, this year, our friends whose turn it is to host bought a house and had to packContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: Christmas in “July” edition”

On the couch with Cece, LICSW; the holidays and anxiety

I can clearly remember the first time someone used the word “anxiety” to describe the way I handled stress in my life. I was in college when I started waking up at 4:00am with my thoughts racing and my stomach in knots. I’d lay in bed tossing and turning thinking about the stupid things I’dContinue reading “On the couch with Cece, LICSW; the holidays and anxiety”

The Christmas Price Index, Friday kudos, wine for your holiday weekend

Need a holiday conversation starter? Look no further than the PNC Christmas Price Index, which every year prices out how much it would cost to purchase every gift in the song ‘The 12 Days of Christmas.’ How much will it set true loves everywhere back this year? The priciest item on the list this year?Continue reading “The Christmas Price Index, Friday kudos, wine for your holiday weekend”

4 Christmas playlists to spark your holiday cheer

Currently at work, students are trying to raise money for the ALS Association. Of the many creative ways they’ve cooked up to try to get funds, they’re playing music over the intercom system during the passing time between classes. If students can raise $400, the music will stop. This may sound counterintuitive. Christmas music duringContinue reading “4 Christmas playlists to spark your holiday cheer”

Unpopular opinions: Christmas letters are the worst!

Two disclaimers: My husband cautioned this post was a bad idea when I told him what I was writing about. I’d write it, he suggested, and shortly there after we’d get a Christmas letter from someone who would also read the blog, and I could therefore assume I had offended them. Sure enough, less thanContinue reading “Unpopular opinions: Christmas letters are the worst!”

Facing travel anxiety, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend

T-minus 60 hours, and I’ll be sitting at the airport, probably eating chips and guacamole (part of my pre-air travel ritual) and sipping on something to take the edge off. I’m an eager traveller. I don’t hesitate to say let’s go to Europe, or Vegas, or road tripping up the North Shore. And then IContinue reading “Facing travel anxiety, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend”