“Must Watches” to get you through winter 2020!

When I read “Digital Minimalism” and set my sights on digital detoxing in 2020, one step the book suggested that I did not implement into my own life was getting rid of TV streaming services. We employ Amazon Prime video, Hulu, and Netflix in our house, and tend to use each for different purposes throughoutContinue reading ““Must Watches” to get you through winter 2020!”

The Barnes and Noble Date

I’m a dedicated online shopper. I want to support small businesses and shop local, and I do try, but especially this time of year when the weather gets bad and the parking lots get crazy, and I’ve got a dozen different types of things to find for a dozen different people, it is almost tooContinue reading “The Barnes and Noble Date”

Wine for your weekend – winery spotlight

As we’re building a house this summer, there hasn’t been time for much else. We see our friends when we can…a lot of times before, after, or during them helping us build the house! We see our families, generally when they come to see or help with the house. We have date nights at theContinue reading “Wine for your weekend – winery spotlight”

Netflix’s new dating show is really cringy, but then again, so is dating!

As yet another snow storm pounded the upper Midwest, I once again turned to my Netflix account for some cabin fever relief. At this point in our record breaking winter, I’ve been through most of the trendy, buzz worthy, series and movies, so when the Netflix Original dating series Dating Around popped up, it lookedContinue reading “Netflix’s new dating show is really cringy, but then again, so is dating!”

Four out of the box Valentine’s Day gift ideas

My husband has always given me flowers for Valentine’s Day, and I love it. I am, admittedly a flowers kind of girl, so it works for me, and is an easy win for him! He, however, is considerably more difficult to buy for. He’s not a big gifts guy, so he doesn’t get too excitedContinue reading “Four out of the box Valentine’s Day gift ideas”

Beat online dating in time for Valentine’s Day

I don’t go to the gym on January 1st, and it’s not just because I’ve had a glass, or three, of champagne the night before. The gym is PACKED on January 1st with dozens of new members crowding on cardio equipment and weight racks determined that this new year is going to be THE yearContinue reading “Beat online dating in time for Valentine’s Day”

The Chopped date

For as long as we’ve lived together, my husband and I have tried to keep Friday free as a date night. We’ll go out to dinner, or catch a movie, or cook together while sharing a nice bottle of wine. We’ve driven to wineries, turned our house into a mini golf course, and had ChineseContinue reading “The Chopped date”