Week 45 – Winter hindsight

Here’s a funny thing about one winter to the next. Last year, as we planned to start our house project, we had the optimistic hope that if we had a perfect winter situation, we could dig our foundation in February. Of course, if you’re new to these home posts, or just forgot, this is whatContinue reading “Week 45 – Winter hindsight”

Weeks 40 – 41: Live wires and framing the big picture

So our electrical inspection passed with only a few minor tweaks that needed to be adjusted, and the inspector essentially saying that the house is extra safe because we have bigger breakers than we need, and far far far fewer outlets on each circuit than they worry about. We were worried we might be overboardContinue reading “Weeks 40 – 41: Live wires and framing the big picture”

Week 31 – Friends on our side(ing)

Week 31 – The start of November, and it’s getting colder. While we fortunately dodged the 5 inches of snow that fell some places this week, there is no denying that we’re running short on good days outside. “Falling back” on the clocks at the end of the week didn’t help much either, as weContinue reading “Week 31 – Friends on our side(ing)”