Wine for your weekend: Can we talk about a wine cooler?

It seems like a year or two ago, La Croix, and a number of other start up sparkling water companies, became very popular. Now I remember La Croix being around when I was a kid, and I remember thinking it was really gross. But like many taste related things, sometime in my post college youngContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: Can we talk about a wine cooler?”

Wine for your weekend: Anniversary edition

My parents are here in Rochester this weekend, and we’re likely going to be finishing off the bottles of wine from last week’s family edition post. We managed to get through eight of those bottles during last weekend’s get together, and for the record, the Klinkerbrick Zinfandel, and the 7 Moons dark side blend gotContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: Anniversary edition”

Wine for your weekend – winos in the wild

My friends and I like to pretend that we are winos, and to the extent that we probably know at least a little bit more about wine than the average Joe buying a bottle of Cupcake out of the bargain shopping cart at the front of the store (Cupcake wine is delicious BTW, not knockingContinue reading “Wine for your weekend – winos in the wild”

Wine(s) for your weekend…and the week or month hereafter!

Sometimes you go to the wine store looking for a perfect bottle for a specific occasion. Such was the case last weekend when I went looking for the wine to compliment our roasted lamb for Easter dinner. Other times you go looking for an array of options to restock your wine rack, an errand thatContinue reading “Wine(s) for your weekend…and the week or month hereafter!”

Five things for the start of April

April has traditionally been the start of one of my antsy times of the year. The snow is melted and it looks/feels like it wants to be spring. But the weather continues to crazily fluctuate, sometimes giving you sixty degrees while other times plummeting back into the thirties. Things aren’t exactly green yet, but mostContinue reading “Five things for the start of April”

What’s on the wine rack?

Ink. has been around for 39 weeks, and that means 39 wine for your weekend recommendations and a whole lot of cheers. This has, ultimately led to two common questions being asked. First, have I really tried all the wines I’ve recommended? And two, which ones am I really drinking all the time. The firstContinue reading “What’s on the wine rack?”

thINK local: Bar Buffalo – Rochester, MN

An amazing thing happened recently. An international reader of ink. contacted me to let me know that she and her family were traveling to Rochester, MN, and they had looked up our Airbnb rentals that I have previously spilled some ink about. Unfortunately, all three of our apartments were booked over part of the timeContinue reading “thINK local: Bar Buffalo – Rochester, MN”

We’re in Italy! Wine for your weekend, Italian edition.

It’s Friday! We’ll move on to Italy today, flying from Zurich to Venice where we will spend the next 2 nights before boarding the cruise ship on Sunday. I’m sure there have been adventures worth sharing, and people worth bestowing kudos upon, but it’s impossible to know those things in hindsight, taking two parts ofContinue reading “We’re in Italy! Wine for your weekend, Italian edition.”