Four non-fiction reads this fall!

There is nothing quite like a gray fall morning with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a good book. Unless of course, it’s a sunny fall morning that’s unseasonably warm so that I can sneak out onto the patio one last time and soak in the sun with a blanket, a cup of tea,Continue reading “Four non-fiction reads this fall!”

Easy autumn wild rice soup

One of the most undeniably lovely things about fall setting in and the weather getting colder is the deliciousness of tucking into a warm bowl of soup for supper. There’s just something about soup in October that tastes different than soup in July, not to mention the simple fact that few are going to beContinue reading “Easy autumn wild rice soup”

An October health/wellness routine to showcase the season!

When I’m not training for a race or event, I generally need to plan out a fitness routine that keeps me on track with my health goals without getting bored or burned out. That bored or burned out piece is the real trick as both can lead to ditching a plan long before it’s finishedContinue reading “An October health/wellness routine to showcase the season!”

Five podcasts for fall

About a year ago, I really went all-in on podcasts. They became my go-to entertainment in the car, at the gym working out, even just hanging out at home working in the yard or cleaning the house. They even replaced audiobooks, my tried and true preferred listening on long road trips, as something Josh andContinue reading “Five podcasts for fall”

An easy five day workout rotation to kickstart fall

As we cruise towards the end of summer and start of September, it’s time to starting sliding into the fall routines that make this time of the year so comfy cozy. Give me leggings and a baggy sweater on a Saturday morning…or really all day Saturday…or, let’s be honest, I’ll try and pull off thisContinue reading “An easy five day workout rotation to kickstart fall”

Four books for those fall Saturdays when you just want a blanket and a good read

I generally find my schedule affords me two excellent times of the year to read: summer vacation and unscheduled winter weekends. This summer, I devoured books on our trip to Europe. I read on the plane, on the train, on the cruise ship, in the hotels. I went through all the reading material I broughtContinue reading “Four books for those fall Saturdays when you just want a blanket and a good read”

4 things for the start of October

                  Fall has fallen over the upper midwest, and that means it’s time for all the best things! Frosty mornings, cozy sweaters, snuggly sweaters, bonfires, Halloween, pumpkins, porch mums, and, of course, the changing leaves all bring this season to life for me and make it oneContinue reading “4 things for the start of October”

Fall Jams – September 2018 Playlist

I love the month of September. Cooler temperature, fall leaves, football games, bonfires, comfy sweaters, all my favorite things start showing back up as fall rolls in. September’s playlist is a little bit mellow, a little bit folksy, and a little bit last minute summer party! Curl up with a blanket and sip a cupContinue reading “Fall Jams – September 2018 Playlist”