Unpopular opinion: Thanksgiving dinner isn’t all that great!

I like Thanksgiving. I like it a lot. It’s one of those really great holidays that exists for the mere fact of getting people together to celebrate that fact we can get people together. It’s about gratitude…not gifts under a tree, magic bunnies, roses and chocolates, or mailing cards. It’s simply about gathering together inContinue reading “Unpopular opinion: Thanksgiving dinner isn’t all that great!”

Built to Last – What’s on the blueprint?

We bought our house plan off the internet. When Josh started to seriously consider whether or not we should build, and I told him I’d build if we could find a house plan that we both fell in love with, I Google searched “4 bedroom craftsman blueprints” and started clicking through options. I found IContinue reading “Built to Last – What’s on the blueprint?”

Wine for your weekend: Family get together edition!

This weekend, my family is convening in one location for the first time since Christmas to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Though on the one hand Christmas wasn’t that long ago, on the other, my sister and brother-in-law have since added a foster baby to their family, and my brother is bringing his girl friend homeContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: Family get together edition!”

Wine for your weekend – Mom’s white zinfandel edition

I have been very red wine heavy in the recent weeks, a likely product of the weather not really warming up and watching a lot of death and bloodshed on Game of Thrones. Is it necessary to drink red wine exclusively while watching unfolding carnage? No. But it feels somehow off to sit and relax with aContinue reading “Wine for your weekend – Mom’s white zinfandel edition”