Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE #4

Wine is a decent gift to give while living in shelter-in-place. You can still get to the store and buy it. It’s easy to wipe down the bottle and make sure it’s safe to gift. And it’s small enough to inconspicuously leave on someone’s front porch so as to adhere to social distancing practices. Plus,Continue reading “Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE #4”

Wine for your weekend: Gift giving and getting

With many thanks to “The tech guy” and Cece, LICSW who gifted me this bottle of wine for my birthday! There are two ways that I gift wine…ok, if I’m being honest three. Way 1: Knowing the preferences of the gift recipient and having the appropriate time to research and/or having experienced a wine thatContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: Gift giving and getting”

Four out of the box Valentine’s Day gift ideas

My husband has always given me flowers for Valentine’s Day, and I love it. I am, admittedly a flowers kind of girl, so it works for me, and is an easy win for him! He, however, is considerably more difficult to buy for. He’s not a big gifts guy, so he doesn’t get too excitedContinue reading “Four out of the box Valentine’s Day gift ideas”

ink.’s favorite things! Wine, kudos, and seven great gift ideas

  Oprah recently released her annual list of favorite things, all 107 of them, along with an interesting article in Oprah magazine about how the Favorite Things grew from an organic gift giving experience (she found a pair of pajamas and boots that she loved and wanted to share them with everyone…then did, gifting overContinue reading “ink.’s favorite things! Wine, kudos, and seven great gift ideas”