Taper week – in racing and in life

Monday kicked off the double edged sword that is “taper week.” Taper week is the period of time at the end of a training program in which the intensity of the workouts begins to taper off and you give your body optimal rest and nutrition in preparation for the race. The taper week period isContinue reading “Taper week – in racing and in life”

Four things for the start of May

For the love of April…please stop raining. We’ve had April winter storms, April showers, and April snow days. And I really care less about May flowers as I do about May foundations getting poured and walls being framed. It’s been down right spring like lately, minus the sunshine and green grass and kite flying andContinue reading “Four things for the start of May”

Halfway home – The 11 week marathon experiment

Six weeks ago, I wrote this post about trying to train for a marathon in 11 weeks. At the time, it was yet to be seen if this was a good idea, bad idea, or really feasible at all. And now, six weeks in, with the whole experience coming into a little better clarity, itContinue reading “Halfway home – The 11 week marathon experiment”

What the FODMAP?, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend

Recently, I was browsing the grocery store picking up a few things for supper, when I came across a new item on the shelf “butter chicken curry simmer sauce.” Nobody loves a curry as much as my husband, and though I’ll gladly make one from scratch, every now and then it’s nice to have anContinue reading “What the FODMAP?, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend”

The 11 week marathon experiment

When I ran my last marathon in October of 2014, I was relatively certain I would not need to run another one! I’d run my first, the 2013 Chicago Marathon a year earlier as a personal dare. It was the thing that I kept talking myself out of running. In a surge of adrenaline andContinue reading “The 11 week marathon experiment”

On the couch with Cece, LICSW – Loving through the love languages

Here’s an interesting fun fact about meeting people online. Many popular online dating sites give you a percentage of compatibility. The percentage is largely based on information you put in about yourself, plus information that you put in about what you’re looking for, and then is further refined based on your match history, search preferences,Continue reading “On the couch with Cece, LICSW – Loving through the love languages”

Holy guacamole! Make perfect guac every time

About the time that I was old enough to start going to dinners at friends’ houses and was old enough to start asking what I should bring to said dinners, I started to get good at making a few key dishes that I could contribute to the party and be reliably duplicated. Though now I’mContinue reading “Holy guacamole! Make perfect guac every time”

5 things for the start of the new year

Happy New Year!! It’s 2019!! How does it feel? Some of us sprinted to the finish line of 2018, grateful to have made it in one piece. Some of us dragged our feet, reluctant to leave behind what was, perhaps, the best year ever. Maybe you’re unsure of where you stand on the whole prospectContinue reading “5 things for the start of the new year”

On the couch with Cece, LICSW; the holidays and anxiety

I can clearly remember the first time someone used the word “anxiety” to describe the way I handled stress in my life. I was in college when I started waking up at 4:00am with my thoughts racing and my stomach in knots. I’d lay in bed tossing and turning thinking about the stupid things I’dContinue reading “On the couch with Cece, LICSW; the holidays and anxiety”

How the fittest I’ve ever been became the unhealthiest I ever was

In the fall of 2012, as I was about to start my second full year of teaching, I also decided that I wanted to run a marathon. I’d run five half marathons at that point, and a couple of triathlons, and it seemed like the next big endurance hurdle to clear. My fall teaching scheduleContinue reading “How the fittest I’ve ever been became the unhealthiest I ever was”