Week 36 and 37: Finishing the siding, fighting the cold

I waited a few days after week 36 to write the summary post, thus crossing into week 37, because I couldn’t bring myself to write one more variation of “Waiting for it to stop snowing/get warmer/etc. to put up the last six pieces of siding!” And by waiting until, now, Wednesday of week 37, IContinue reading “Week 36 and 37: Finishing the siding, fighting the cold”

Week 31 – Friends on our side(ing)

Week 31 – The start of November, and it’s getting colder. While we fortunately dodged the 5 inches of snow that fell some places this week, there is no denying that we’re running short on good days outside. “Falling back” on the clocks at the end of the week didn’t help much either, as weContinue reading “Week 31 – Friends on our side(ing)”

Week 29 – The saga of the siding part 2

WEEK 29 – I’ve been asking Josh to put just one piece of siding on the house for weeks…just so I can see it…just so I can imagine what it’s going to look like and secretly to verify that I did, in fact, make the right choice out of all of those siding samples onContinue reading “Week 29 – The saga of the siding part 2”

Week 28 – Inside stuff AND outside stuff!

WEEK 28 – When snow hit the forecast for the first time this week, I had the immediate reaction that it has only not been snowing for two months. How do I live in a place where it doesn’t snow only two months out of the entire year?! In truth, it hasn’t snowed since April, andContinue reading “Week 28 – Inside stuff AND outside stuff!”

Week 27 – Rain, rain, come on the one day we need it!

WEEK 27 – After playing a tenuous game of “it needs to not rain for two days and then rain again” and wishing for just the right about of weather turbulence, we were rewarded with a follow-up week of a lot of rain. I guess that’s karma. A lot of rain was not great forContinue reading “Week 27 – Rain, rain, come on the one day we need it!”

Week 26 – Halfway point…to something

WEEK 26 – In my head, I keep calling this “halfway week,” though I’m not sure halfway to what! It’s halfway through a year is what it is, though whether or not that will be our own halfway point is yet to be seen. What did happen this week is that we hit that magicalContinue reading “Week 26 – Halfway point…to something”

Built to Last – What’s on the blueprint?

We bought our house plan off the internet. When Josh started to seriously consider whether or not we should build, and I told him I’d build if we could find a house plan that we both fell in love with, I Google searched “4 bedroom craftsman blueprints” and started clicking through options. I found IContinue reading “Built to Last – What’s on the blueprint?”

Built to Last – When you’re not “trending”…

I really really really didn’t want to have a Pinterest wedding. That is not to say that I didn’t go to Pinterest for ideas or inspiration to share with Josh and our vendors, but I did not want to have the kind of wedding that people looked at and immediately thought, “Oh yeah! I sawContinue reading “Built to Last – When you’re not “trending”…”