Wear your heart on your sleeve…or your wrist

There are a lot of internet fashion trends going around. Anytime a celebrity steps out in a new look…trend. Anytime a royal family member shows up in public…trend. Anytime a former Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant starts a new fashion endorsement campaign on instagram…trend. Influencers have a lot to say about the “looks” that become theContinue reading “Wear your heart on your sleeve…or your wrist”

Podcasts to make you laugh, make you smarter, and make your day.

Last spring, I started a love/hate relationship with a local radio station. I really love the music selection it plays, and I really…dislike…the DJ who plays it. Though this seems like a trivial matter, it’s actually quite personal. Last spring my high school theater program was awarded a national grant to use for production expenses.Continue reading “Podcasts to make you laugh, make you smarter, and make your day.”

I should have given this toast at my thirtieth birthday party

Saturday is my birthday. I’ll be 31 years old. Somewhere around the age of 25 my birthday started to feel less like a momentous occasion to celebrate, and more like one more day in the inevitable march towards old age. Of all my birthdays, I took 25 the hardest. I saw myself as halfway toContinue reading “I should have given this toast at my thirtieth birthday party”

Fall Jams – September 2018 Playlist

I love the month of September. Cooler temperature, fall leaves, football games, bonfires, comfy sweaters, all my favorite things start showing back up as fall rolls in. September’s playlist is a little bit mellow, a little bit folksy, and a little bit last minute summer party! Curl up with a blanket and sip a cupContinue reading “Fall Jams – September 2018 Playlist”

Six things for the start of September

This month ink. is kicking off a new recurring post in which we kick off the month with a collection of stories, reflections, blogs, thoughts, etc. to get you thinking, make you smarter, and give those of you, like me, who hate trying to make small talk something to bring to the conversation should youContinue reading “Six things for the start of September”

How it feels to be a teacher on the first day of the school year

It’s 6:00AM on the first day of the school year, and I’m tired. The sun is already up; the morning breeze blows through the window; the coffee is hot and ready; my lunch waits, already packed, in the fridge; my school bag sits, where it has sat all summer, on the stool next to theContinue reading “How it feels to be a teacher on the first day of the school year”

On the quest for self actualization, ask Google!

Let’s talk about self actualization. We’re all on this vast journey of self discovery, but somewhere along the way we hopefully realize we actually know quite a bit about ourselves, and who we are, and what we stand for, and that’s a good and comforting feeling. There’s a lot to be said for being comfortableContinue reading “On the quest for self actualization, ask Google!”

A woman who eats: in defense of being hungry, eating food, and liking it!

I am a woman who eats. I like food. I like to cook it. I like to make it look good. I like to serve it to other people. I like to go out to nice restaurants and order good food and savor it with a complex wine. I like to travel places and tryContinue reading “A woman who eats: in defense of being hungry, eating food, and liking it!”

Pick up a pen and write something

A friend recently shared the Writing Contest: You are enough with me on social media. As a blogger, I’m always looking for new thoughts and ideas to share with my readers. But readers, hear what I have to say today. I love and appreciate you as a audience, but today, it’s time for you to pick upContinue reading “Pick up a pen and write something”