is now!

Spring cleaning isn’t just about your closets and junk drawers. It’s about getting into all the nooks and crannies of your life that have been collecting a little clutter and dust and figuring out how to breathe a little fresh air into the places that have gone dull and grey through the long winter. IContinue reading “ is now!”

How it feels to be a teacher on the last day of the school year

It’s 6:00AM on the last day of the school year, and I’m tired. The sun is already up; the morning breeze blows through the window; the coffee is hot and ready; my lunch waits, already packed, in the fridge; my school bag sits, where it always sits, on the stool next to the stairs inContinue reading “How it feels to be a teacher on the last day of the school year”

Pints and popsicles, Friday kudos, and wine for your weekend

Happy pre-4th of July weekend. It’s going to be a hot one! It’s the perfect time for a summer cookout. Fire up the grill, pour out a bag of chips, crack open that watermelon, and let the good times roll! Summer cookouts also afford the opportunity to enjoy some seasonal sweet treats. And unlike someContinue reading “Pints and popsicles, Friday kudos, and wine for your weekend”

Getting published and our quest for validation

Fill in the blank… I am a______________________________________________________. (And be nice to yourself about it! This is a post about validation.) I am a writer. This is an innate truth about myself that I have always known. I love to write. I have always loved to write. As a kid, I wrote stories in booklets my parentsContinue reading “Getting published and our quest for validation”

June 2018 – ink. Launch List

June 2018 – ink. Launch List  Whether you’re preparing to launch a blog, launch your week, or launch your summer, your definitive list of upbeat, alternative, mood music is here! LISTEN NOW  “Hold my Tongue” – Sheppard – TRACK “These Days” – Rudimental ft. Jesse Glyne, Macklemore, and Dan Caplen – TRACK  “One Foot” – Walk theContinue reading “June 2018 – ink. Launch List”

Four non-fiction reads to make you smarter this summer

Let’s say you’re sitting by a pool, lounging on a patio, enjoying an evening on a deck, laying out at a beach, or pretty much partaking in any other summertime activity. You’ve got your essentials: sunscreen, sandals, snacks, sunglasses, beach blanket, and…books? If not, it’s time to lay claim to your next summer read! SummerContinue reading “Four non-fiction reads to make you smarter this summer”

Home is where the heart is, but where is your soul?

  At the end of every vacation I long to go home. There’s something about my own space, and my own bed, that needles against the thrill of travel so that, no matter how spectacular the vacation, it feels good to get back on the plane and return to the known comforts of the placeContinue reading “Home is where the heart is, but where is your soul?”

Friday Kudos – The first one!

It’s back! If you found ink. because you used to follow Heels or Sneakers, you already know what we’re doing here, and you also know (even if you never admit it out loud) that “Friday Kudos” was the best part of my former endeavor. “Friday Kudos” is the end of the week gratitude, celebrating the trulyContinue reading “Friday Kudos – The first one!”