Five podcasts for fall

About a year ago, I really went all-in on podcasts. They became my go-to entertainment in the car, at the gym working out, even just hanging out at home working in the yard or cleaning the house. They even replaced audiobooks, my tried and true preferred listening on long road trips, as something Josh andContinue reading “Five podcasts for fall”

4 Christmas playlists to spark your holiday cheer

Currently at work, students are trying to raise money for the ALS Association. Of the many creative ways they’ve cooked up to try to get funds, they’re playing music over the intercom system during the passing time between classes. If students can raise $400, the music will stop. This may sound counterintuitive. Christmas music duringContinue reading “4 Christmas playlists to spark your holiday cheer”

November playlist, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend

The November Playlist!  Do not tell me you’re already pumping up the Christmas music? I love a good Christmas playlist as much as the next girl, but please do your holidays in some semblance of order. There might not be a thing as “Thanksgiving music,” but here’s a list of super chill, fall inspired instrumentalsContinue reading “November playlist, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend”

Friday kudos, the definitive 90s playlist, wine for your weekend

Let’s get right to it! Friday kudos to… #oaomdc and the couple getting married right now…on Friday! You get the biggest and only kudos this week. Your day is going to be amazing! October 2018 playlist – All your 90s hits! Shout out to my girl Kim who has created, what has to be considered,Continue reading “Friday kudos, the definitive 90s playlist, wine for your weekend”

Fall Jams – September 2018 Playlist

I love the month of September. Cooler temperature, fall leaves, football games, bonfires, comfy sweaters, all my favorite things start showing back up as fall rolls in. September’s playlist is a little bit mellow, a little bit folksy, and a little bit last minute summer party! Curl up with a blanket and sip a cupContinue reading “Fall Jams – September 2018 Playlist”

August 2018 – Chill summer jams playlist

In my head, I had a pretty good vacation plan. I wrote posts, scheduled them well. They went live on time and appeared on social media as they normally would have. ink. is still pretty new, so by new blogging standards, the official blogging newbies Facebook support group assured me that I was doing theContinue reading “August 2018 – Chill summer jams playlist”

July 2018 Playlist – Songs from movies you’ve long forgotten about!

Happy July! Let’s assume you’re planning your Fourth of July festivities, and if you’re not, you should be! For these hypothetical festivities, which you definitely should be planning, you’re going to want a rocking playlist, and for that you’ve come to the right place. I believe the best playlists have a few old favorites, aContinue reading “July 2018 Playlist – Songs from movies you’ve long forgotten about!”

June 2018 – ink. Launch List

June 2018 – ink. Launch List  Whether you’re preparing to launch a blog, launch your week, or launch your summer, your definitive list of upbeat, alternative, mood music is here! LISTEN NOW  “Hold my Tongue” – Sheppard – TRACK “These Days” – Rudimental ft. Jesse Glyne, Macklemore, and Dan Caplen – TRACK  “One Foot” – Walk theContinue reading “June 2018 – ink. Launch List”