What currently worries me about COVID-19 is not PPE, getting sick, or even the virus at all!

A security guard in Michigan was shot and killed last week after he got into a confrontation with a woman who refused to wear a mask into Dollar General. A man in Florida was arrested after he threatened to go on a shooting spree in his local grocery store because not enough people were wearingContinue reading “What currently worries me about COVID-19 is not PPE, getting sick, or even the virus at all!”

Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE delivery

Let’s talk about wine delivery! In the time of the pandemic, wine delivered straight to your door is the service we all need. Right now, my social media feeds are FILLED with online wine clubs, delivery options, and subscription services, and while I’m definitely not willing to commit to most of their plans, I’m notContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE delivery”

Why a pandemic is the perfect time to explore your enneagram number!

Last summer I went down the enneagram rabbit hole, and when I finally came back up for air I both was 100% positive that an enneagram one pretty much explained everything about me that you needed to know, and that it would be very helpful if all the people in my life also figured outContinue reading “Why a pandemic is the perfect time to explore your enneagram number!”

Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE #5

Well wine lovers, the calendar rolled over to May this weekend and our stay at home order in Minnesota was also subsequently extended through May 18th, so it doesn’t look like those mid-spring cookouts with friends are going to be firing up just yet. That being said, on days that the weather is nice, JoshContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE #5”

Feeling Alone in Quarantine? Watch this!

Sometimes what we need in a moment like this is a dose of perspective. Whether that perspective is the faces of the healthcare workers on the front lines, or a news story about the impact of volunteers, or a story of survival, or a story of defeat, a little shift in the lenses through whichContinue reading “Feeling Alone in Quarantine? Watch this!”

Week 52: One year down…

Week 52… I’m conflicted between feeling like a year went very fast and feeling like I lived five years in the course of the last one. And with days feeling like weeks and weeks like months during this pandemic crisis, it could feel like years before we actually finish this thing! Fortunately, in this “finishContinue reading “Week 52: One year down…”

Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE #4

Wine is a decent gift to give while living in shelter-in-place. You can still get to the store and buy it. It’s easy to wipe down the bottle and make sure it’s safe to gift. And it’s small enough to inconspicuously leave on someone’s front porch so as to adhere to social distancing practices. Plus,Continue reading “Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE #4”

Four things we want our Airbnb guests to know during shelter in place!

It’s a really bad time to own short term rental properties! It’s actually a really bad time to own rental properties in general, but it’s a lot easier to work with long term tenants on options for rent deferral and payment plans than it is when short term renters just cancel en masse and ourContinue reading “Four things we want our Airbnb guests to know during shelter in place!”

Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE #3

In the last week, as cases of COVID-19 in the United States have continued to sky rocket, much of the news has turned to the domestic response to the pandemic. But as the shift in focus has moved closer to home, I continue to watch what happens in Europe, particularly in Italy, with heartbreak. JoshContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE #3”

Binge Worthy Shows for your April Quarantine

I’ve written before about liking the feeling of turning the page. New Year’s Eve…birthdays…I’m a big believer in fresh starts and getting a clear perspective. So after Coronavirus completely dominated the month of March making 31 days feel more like 31 weeks, the fresh start of April should feel like welcome change. And yet, asContinue reading “Binge Worthy Shows for your April Quarantine”