Wine for your weekend: Throwback because it’s that fun!

A few weekends ago, we went to a chef’s table dinner with our wine loving friends, which ended up being an amazing meal featuring hand formed gnocchi, slow braised short ribs and hand whipped chocolate mousse. Each course also featured a wine pairing meant to showcase the food. The last one, paired with the mousse,Continue reading “Wine for your weekend: Throwback because it’s that fun!”

Wine for your weekend: 31 bottles edition

This weekend’s wine recommendation could be the wine recommendation for the next 31 weeks because we currently have 31 bottles piled on the floor of the living room! Why so much you may ask? Well, because sometimes our great wino friend comes across a great wino deal that’s too good to miss. Thus was theContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: 31 bottles edition”

Wine for your weekend: Gift giving and getting

With many thanks to “The tech guy” and Cece, LICSW who gifted me this bottle of wine for my birthday! There are two ways that I gift wine…ok, if I’m being honest three. Way 1: Knowing the preferences of the gift recipient and having the appropriate time to research and/or having experienced a wine thatContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: Gift giving and getting”

Wine for your weekend – The $5 bottle

We spent my birthday last weekend at the beautiful Villa Bellezza winery tasting a wide selection of their current offerings, enjoying a meal on the piazza, and selecting a few wines to bring home for the wine rack. We currently have a pretty good collection of Villa Bellezza bottles on the rack. Our “nice wine”Continue reading “Wine for your weekend – The $5 bottle”

Wine for your weekend – A little Chianti

Three summers ago, Josh and I went to a wine tasting dinner down a winding back alley in Rome. It was one of those magical evenings you happen into by accident, where complete strangers become friends, and you wonder how the whole world can still be whirring by outside while you’ve caught lightning in aContinue reading “Wine for your weekend – A little Chianti”

Wine for your weekend: The Architect

Ever gotten a good “theme” bottle of wine? My husband’s name is Josh, and when Josh Cellars began to get popular, he got at least 5 bottles from people for various birthdays and holidays. We happen to like Josh wine, so that’s a big win. When we got married, a friend put together a wineContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: The Architect”

Wine for your weekend: Christmas in “July” edition

This weekend, my friends will gather for our third annual Christmas in July celebration. For those of your keeping track, yes I know it’s August, and no I didn’t forget to publish this post a month ago. Instead, this year, our friends whose turn it is to host bought a house and had to packContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: Christmas in “July” edition”

Wine for your weekend – Vale de Cavalos

In looking through the overall wine list, it’s heavy on domestic, Napa Valley, options. Nothing against California because I’ve obviously enjoyed plenty of its wine, but there are a lot of other places out there making wine, and lots of places that have been making wine much longer than they’ve been doing it in California.Continue reading “Wine for your weekend – Vale de Cavalos”

Wine for your weekend – winery spotlight

As we’re building a house this summer, there hasn’t been time for much else. We see our friends when we can…a lot of times before, after, or during them helping us build the house! We see our families, generally when they come to see or help with the house. We have date nights at theContinue reading “Wine for your weekend – winery spotlight”

Wine for your weekend: Shiraz edition

We like to play wine games with our friends! Almost two years ago, the six of us got together for the first “Somm Night” a regular tradition in which blind taste various wines attempting to discern if we can pick out anything from the tasting notes that actually allows us to identify what the wines are.Continue reading “Wine for your weekend: Shiraz edition”