My social media detox is over and…

It’s highly convenient that February 1st fell on a Saturday. That morning, the end of my 30 day social media detox, I imagined I’d get up, make my coffee, snuggle onto the couch with my laptop, and happily indulge in the digital world I’d missed the past month. I assumed there would be something ofContinue reading “My social media detox is over and…”

So… How’s your resolution going?

There is no date I hate going to the gym more than January 2nd. On January 2nd, the treadmills are packed, the locker rooms are filthy, and the weights are scattered haphazardly around the benches. On January 2nd, I can’t find a parking spot, and might even have to stand in line to swipe myContinue reading “So… How’s your resolution going?”

The last post of 2019, Friday kudos, wine for your New Year’s Eve!

We interrupt this holiday bog hiatus for a final post of 2018. One more chance to kudos the good, drink to the great, and think through those things that maybe could have gone better, all in the name of living our best lives in the new year ahead! Are you a resolution maker? I tendContinue reading “The last post of 2019, Friday kudos, wine for your New Year’s Eve!”