Wine for your weekend: Tasting whites

Almost three years ago now, I found myself chaperoning the high school prom with my husband and two other couples, and the conversation turned to documentaries. Josh and I love a good documentary, in fact, I’m currently working on another post about some of the best, new documentary films we’ve enjoyed thus far in 2020.Continue reading “Wine for your weekend: Tasting whites”

Wine for your weekend – Malbec edition

This wine for your weekend recommendation was originally going to be non-alcoholic alternatives for times you can’t indulge. Why? Because this Sunday is my marathon, and so I haven’t been drinking (with the exception of a glass of wine for girls’ night) as I taper for the race. Then, we were invited for a MemorialContinue reading “Wine for your weekend – Malbec edition”

Making friends with winos, hosting the perfect wine night

Let’s talk about friend groups. When I was in high school, I had a core group of friends. If we had something in common it was band. Four of us played the clarinet. What is it about clarinet players that makes fast friends? Among my friends today, many of them have revealed that they playedContinue reading “Making friends with winos, hosting the perfect wine night”