"Must Watches" to get you through winter 2020!

When I read “Digital Minimalism” and set my sights on digital detoxing in 2020, one step the book suggested that I did not implement into my own life was getting rid of TV streaming services. We employ Amazon Prime video, Hulu, and Netflix in our house, and tend to use each for different purposes throughoutContinue reading “"Must Watches" to get you through winter 2020!”

Half way through a social media blackout

On December 31st, I posted a New Year’s post on Facebook including a youtube video of ‘The Tenors’ singing Auld Lang Syne. It’s one of my favorite versions. Then I logged out of my account, took Facebook and Messenger off my phone, and haven’t touched them since. On December 31st, I systematically deleted over 200Continue reading “Half way through a social media blackout”

Digital Minimalism – A Book Review Resolution

Sometimes the right book plops into your hands at exactly the right moment, which is how I stumbled into Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism here in the waning weeks of 2019. Subtitled “Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World,” I found it of particular interest as I have recently been considering how to get moreContinue reading “Digital Minimalism – A Book Review Resolution”

A social media hack for happiness!

There’s a lot that can be said about the effect of social media on mental health and overall happiness. Just take a look at some of these headlines: The more you use Facebook, the worse you feel! New study shows just how bad social media can be for mental health Is everyone happier than youContinue reading “A social media hack for happiness!”

Beat online dating in time for Valentine’s Day

I don’t go to the gym on January 1st, and it’s not just because I’ve had a glass, or three, of champagne the night before. The gym is PACKED on January 1st with dozens of new members crowding on cardio equipment and weight racks determined that this new year is going to be THE yearContinue reading “Beat online dating in time for Valentine’s Day”

Podcasts to make you laugh, make you smarter, and make your day.

Last spring, I started a love/hate relationship with a local radio station. I really love the music selection it plays, and I really…dislike…the DJ who plays it. Though this seems like a trivial matter, it’s actually quite personal. Last spring my high school theater program was awarded a national grant to use for production expenses.Continue reading “Podcasts to make you laugh, make you smarter, and make your day.”

A practical guide to decluttering your social media identity

With a few exceptions, I habitually declutter. When I swap my summer clothes and winter clothes, I go through the closest and dresser drawers, willingly cleaning out and donating anything that no longer fits or I haven’t worn the last season. I like a clean kitchen counter, pretty much all the time. I like aContinue reading “A practical guide to decluttering your social media identity”