Week 49: Any progress is good progress

This is a first world problem… As COVID-19 continues it’s rampage around the world, and people are sick and dying, and medical facilities are running out of equipment, and millions are unemployed, I get that the fact that I can’t build my house on schedule is a MASSIVE first world problem! But this week, IContinue reading “Week 49: Any progress is good progress”

Unpopular opinion? There is no “War on Christmas”

A preface: Sometimes, I know my opinions are going to be unpopular. After my Thanksgiving post, plenty of people approached me defending their green bean casseroles and canned cranberry sauce, and that’s fine. Similarly, last year when I wrote my Christmas letter post, I ended up receiving Christmas letters from people with little personal notesContinue reading “Unpopular opinion? There is no “War on Christmas””

When we’re afraid of the extremes: A social media study

This past weekend, as news came out about the tragic shootings in Texas and Ohio, my social media started to fill up with thoughts about the reality of living in a world, or a country rather, where this kind of tragedy has become unsettlingly routine. This type of mass social response isn’t specific to justContinue reading “When we’re afraid of the extremes: A social media study”

30 minutes in a “wellness cocoon”, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend

I’m a big advocate of self-care. Want to be your best self? You need to feel like your best self. Your self care routine should be custom tailored to what makes you feel good. Mine, for example, includes a regular massage. Most people think of massages as super luxurious and indulgent, and they certainly canContinue reading “30 minutes in a “wellness cocoon”, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend”