Feeling Alone in Quarantine? Watch this!

Sometimes what we need in a moment like this is a dose of perspective. Whether that perspective is the faces of the healthcare workers on the front lines, or a news story about the impact of volunteers, or a story of survival, or a story of defeat, a little shift in the lenses through whichContinue reading “Feeling Alone in Quarantine? Watch this!”

Binge Worthy Shows for your April Quarantine

I’ve written before about liking the feeling of turning the page. New Year’s Eve…birthdays…I’m a big believer in fresh starts and getting a clear perspective. So after Coronavirus completely dominated the month of March making 31 days feel more like 31 weeks, the fresh start of April should feel like welcome change. And yet, asContinue reading “Binge Worthy Shows for your April Quarantine”

Guilty pleasure post – My once a season thoughts on “The Bachelor”!

In Runaway Bride, as Richard Gere’s character is interviewing the four men that Julia Roberts’ character has left at the altar, he ends each conversation with the same question. “How does she like her eggs?” Each man answers the question the same way, “She likes __________, just like me!” Later, after [spoiler alert] Julia Roberts’Continue reading “Guilty pleasure post – My once a season thoughts on “The Bachelor”!”

“Must Watches” to get you through winter 2020!

When I read “Digital Minimalism” and set my sights on digital detoxing in 2020, one step the book suggested that I did not implement into my own life was getting rid of TV streaming services. We employ Amazon Prime video, Hulu, and Netflix in our house, and tend to use each for different purposes throughoutContinue reading ““Must Watches” to get you through winter 2020!”

It shouldn’t need to be so hard – An annual reflection on “The Bachelorette”

Sigh, to be twenty four and in love with two different men on the island of Crete! Tonight is the finale of this season of The Bachelorette, and as has been my custom, I’ve been left with some reflective thoughts about the nature of relationships and love that I now intend to share. If you feelContinue reading “It shouldn’t need to be so hard – An annual reflection on “The Bachelorette””

“High Seas” is the Netflix summer binge we’ve been waiting for!

Confession: High Seas first showed up on my recommended Netflix queue and I was drawn in by the glitzy, glamourous, Titanic meets an Agatha Christie novel aesthetic. I am a sucker for Titanic. I watch at least part of it every time I stumble across it on TV. So the lavish art deco ship, the beautiful historical costuming, and theContinue reading ““High Seas” is the Netflix summer binge we’ve been waiting for!”

Four things for the start of May

For the love of April…please stop raining. We’ve had April winter storms, April showers, and April snow days. And I really care less about May flowers as I do about May foundations getting poured and walls being framed. It’s been down right spring like lately, minus the sunshine and green grass and kite flying andContinue reading “Four things for the start of May”

Get ready for GOT, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend

Not everyone is going to be quite as excited about this first point as I am, but I also know I’m not the only one excited that finally, after two years of waiting, the final season of Game of Thrones starts this Sunday! Winter has come and gone and come again since we were lastContinue reading “Get ready for GOT, Friday kudos, wine for your weekend”

Five things for the start of April

April has traditionally been the start of one of my antsy times of the year. The snow is melted and it looks/feels like it wants to be spring. But the weather continues to crazily fluctuate, sometimes giving you sixty degrees while other times plummeting back into the thirties. Things aren’t exactly green yet, but mostContinue reading “Five things for the start of April”

Just a bunch of rock climbing documentaries that will make you want to adventure!

One of, I think, the greatest features of Netflix is the recommendations they make about what you should watch based off another title you’ve watched. Admittedly, sometimes these titles have very little to do with what you might actually be in the mood to view, but other times, these suggestions can lead you down aContinue reading “Just a bunch of rock climbing documentaries that will make you want to adventure!”