Six things for the start of September

This month ink. is kicking off a new recurring post in which we kick off the month with a collection of stories, reflections, blogs, thoughts, etc. to get you thinking, make you smarter, and give those of you, like me, who hate trying to make small talk something to bring to the conversation should youContinue reading “Six things for the start of September”

Books that shake you, Friday kudos, wine for you weekend

At our first back to school inservice day this week, a colleague approached me in a flurry of excitement. “I have a question for you! Wait here!” she exclaimed, as she rushed over to her school bag. Curious as to her inquiry, I did wait there, and she quickly returned with the name of aContinue reading “Books that shake you, Friday kudos, wine for you weekend”

Read it before you see it – Crazy Rich Asians

A few weeks ago, we went to see Oceans 8 in the theater. Oceans 11 is one of my husband’s favorite movies, so he was excited to see another installment in the franchise, and I was excited to see a movie with a whole host of strong female protagonists. Before the movie started there were the usualContinue reading “Read it before you see it – Crazy Rich Asians”

Great wine pairings for classic literature

It’s the first day of summer, not that you’d ever recognize it here in southeastern Minnesota where it’s 60 degrees and raining. It’s been a strange year with snow lasting well into April, then the temperature ramping up immediately to 90 degrees, and then summer officially arriving on a day that looks and feels aContinue reading “Great wine pairings for classic literature”