Wine for your weekend: When life hands you “lemony” wine

A few weeks ago when we visited Villa Bellezza, we picked up two bottles of wine for the specific purpose of serving them with a specific meal. The Cotes Du Pepin 2017, winner of double gold at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, is a bright and acidic white wine with an undeniable burst of lemon onContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: When life hands you “lemony” wine”

Wine for your weekend: Can we talk about a wine cooler?

It seems like a year or two ago, La Croix, and a number of other start up sparkling water companies, became very popular. Now I remember La Croix being around when I was a kid, and I remember thinking it was really gross. But like many taste related things, sometime in my post college youngContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: Can we talk about a wine cooler?”

Wine for your weekend – Two for one Rieslings

What wine do you serve when you’re picking something to please a crowd? Not everyone is a red wine drinker, so white seems to be a safer option. But among the red wine drinkers, white wines can come off as too sweet or syrupy. A classic chardonnay might be a good bet, but some peopleContinue reading “Wine for your weekend – Two for one Rieslings”

Wine for your weekend follow up – Riva 2018

A few weeks back I recommended the Villa Bellezza winery as a weekend escape. Part of the appeal was that their new vintages and offerings this season that we had yet to taste. We’ve sampled the full extent of the wineries offerings, so these new releases always catch our attention. Though we’re not huge whiteContinue reading “Wine for your weekend follow up – Riva 2018”

Wine for your weekend – Vale de Cavalos

In looking through the overall wine list, it’s heavy on domestic, Napa Valley, options. Nothing against California because I’ve obviously enjoyed plenty of its wine, but there are a lot of other places out there making wine, and lots of places that have been making wine much longer than they’ve been doing it in California.Continue reading “Wine for your weekend – Vale de Cavalos”

Wine for your weekend – winery spotlight

As we’re building a house this summer, there hasn’t been time for much else. We see our friends when we can…a lot of times before, after, or during them helping us build the house! We see our families, generally when they come to see or help with the house. We have date nights at theContinue reading “Wine for your weekend – winery spotlight”

Wine for your weekend: Shiraz edition

We like to play wine games with our friends! Almost two years ago, the six of us got together for the first “Somm Night” a regular tradition in which blind taste various wines attempting to discern if we can pick out anything from the tasting notes that actually allows us to identify what the wines are.Continue reading “Wine for your weekend: Shiraz edition”

Wine for your Weekend – Great deals edition

Last week while my parents were in town, I took my mom to Costco liquor so she could see how the wine selection process goes in my house. There was digging around in barrels, and Googling prices and wine notes, and finally selecting three that were really exceptional deals, and thus worth trying. The firstContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend – Great deals edition”

Wine for your weekend: Anniversary edition

My parents are here in Rochester this weekend, and we’re likely going to be finishing off the bottles of wine from last week’s family edition post. We managed to get through eight of those bottles during last weekend’s get together, and for the record, the Klinkerbrick Zinfandel, and the 7 Moons dark side blend gotContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: Anniversary edition”

Wine for your weekend: Family get together edition!

This weekend, my family is convening in one location for the first time since Christmas to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Though on the one hand Christmas wasn’t that long ago, on the other, my sister and brother-in-law have since added a foster baby to their family, and my brother is bringing his girl friend homeContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: Family get together edition!”