Wine for your weekend: Throwback to week one

This Friday marks TWO FULL YEARS of wine for your weekend recommendations, which, quick math, means over 100 bottles have now been reviewed for your wining and dining pleasure! As such, I thought I’d throw it back to the very first wine for your weekend post ever. The first bottle ever reviewed in June 2018…KirklandContinue reading “Wine for your weekend: Throwback to week one”

Wine for your Weekend: Italian Anniversary Edition

This weekend is our five year anniversary. It’s a weird time for celebrations. Restaurants are open, kind of, but we haven’t been out in months, and it feels weird to start now. We had, once upon a time, planned on going back to the resort on the North Shore where we went for our honeymoon,Continue reading “Wine for your Weekend: Italian Anniversary Edition”

Wine for your Weekend: Budget buy

Sometimes you want to drink interesting wines you’ve never tried before. Sometimes you don’t mind splurging on a bottle for a special occasion. And sometimes you just want a wine with a good, reliable punch of flavor that provides good bang for its buck. This weekend, I’ve got a budget buy for you that typicallyContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend: Budget buy”

Wine for your Weekend: Que Syrah Syrah!

For the first time in a very long while, I’m not calling this week’s recommendations quarantWINEs because Minnesota has eased our stay at home restrictions to “stay safe” restrictions. And with that easing of the rules, we met with a few friends out on our patio Memorial Day weekend to celebrate the unofficial start ofContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend: Que Syrah Syrah!”

Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINEs #6 and #7

Last week I wrote about wine delivery, so this week it only makes sense to write about some of the wines we’ve found through our new utilization of these services. Because my reviews are generally red wine heavy, I wanted to make sure to include a white this week…also, I personally indulged in an EXCELLENTContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINEs #6 and #7”

Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE #3

In the last week, as cases of COVID-19 in the United States have continued to sky rocket, much of the news has turned to the domestic response to the pandemic. But as the shift in focus has moved closer to home, I continue to watch what happens in Europe, particularly in Italy, with heartbreak. JoshContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE #3”

Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE(s) #2

Shout out to my sister-in-law who text messaged me this week for wine recommendations before she sent my brother-in-law to the liquor store to stock up before the shelter in place order went into effect! They are sheltering the right way! This week in Minnesota, like many places in the world, things escalated in theContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend: QuarantWINE(s) #2”

Wine for your Weekend – Super Bowl edition

The Super Bowl should essentially be considered an American holiday. In fact, I know a lot of people who essentially make the day after the Super Bowl a holiday by talking PTO. Even non-NFL watchers tend to at least turn mild attention towards the big game. If nothing else, the commercials are funny and theContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend – Super Bowl edition”

Wine for your Weekend: Tasting Whites Part 2

As previewed last weekend, we hosted blind wine tasting for white wines last weekend focusing on Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling as classic wine profiles that all had distinctive characteristics that could be consistently identified. When it was first brought up to go back to the basics of blind wine tasting, we had, kind ofContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend: Tasting Whites Part 2”

Wine for your Weekend: Five star wine at a one star price!

Last weekend I walked into Costco wine and started browsing the bins. As I browse, I always keep my wine scanner app at the ready should I come across something that I don’t know or is potentially an excellent deal. As I came around one side of the red wine selection, I recognized a tagContinue reading “Wine for your Weekend: Five star wine at a one star price!”