Smart watches are really smart…except when they’re really dumb!

I love my Apple Watch! Josh got it for me as a Christmas gift a few years ago to replace my first generation FitBit. There was really no comparison between the tech and features offered between the two. My little FitBit flashed lights at me every 2000 steps…and that was about it. It didn’t evenContinue reading “Smart watches are really smart…except when they’re really dumb!”

An October health/wellness routine to showcase the season!

When I’m not training for a race or event, I generally need to plan out a fitness routine that keeps me on track with my health goals without getting bored or burned out. That bored or burned out piece is the real trick as both can lead to ditching a plan long before it’s finishedContinue reading “An October health/wellness routine to showcase the season!”

An easy five day workout rotation to kickstart fall

As we cruise towards the end of summer and start of September, it’s time to starting sliding into the fall routines that make this time of the year so comfy cozy. Give me leggings and a baggy sweater on a Saturday morning…or really all day Saturday…or, let’s be honest, I’ll try and pull off thisContinue reading “An easy five day workout rotation to kickstart fall”

Halfway home – The 11 week marathon experiment

Six weeks ago, I wrote this post about trying to train for a marathon in 11 weeks. At the time, it was yet to be seen if this was a good idea, bad idea, or really feasible at all. And now, six weeks in, with the whole experience coming into a little better clarity, itContinue reading “Halfway home – The 11 week marathon experiment”

The 11 week marathon experiment

When I ran my last marathon in October of 2014, I was relatively certain I would not need to run another one! I’d run my first, the 2013 Chicago Marathon a year earlier as a personal dare. It was the thing that I kept talking myself out of running. In a surge of adrenaline andContinue reading “The 11 week marathon experiment”

Your day in one bag

Earlier this year, I attempted to overall the way I went about my day. I generally carry at least three bags to work. I had my work/computer bag, my gym bag, and my lunch bag. I also carried a purse, which I often left locked in my car as I didn’t have a great placeContinue reading “Your day in one bag”

How the fittest I’ve ever been became the unhealthiest I ever was

In the fall of 2012, as I was about to start my second full year of teaching, I also decided that I wanted to run a marathon. I’d run five half marathons at that point, and a couple of triathlons, and it seemed like the next big endurance hurdle to clear. My fall teaching scheduleContinue reading “How the fittest I’ve ever been became the unhealthiest I ever was”

A ten minute yoga routine for those who hate yoga routines

This past summer I had a grand idea that I was going to become a yogi. Not a certified instructor or anything crazy like that, just someone who didn’t hate practicing yoga as much as I sometimes hate it. I’m a regular Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to my yoga practice. Though I’m horrendouslyContinue reading “A ten minute yoga routine for those who hate yoga routines”