The gINKgo Project

Why gINKgo? Well, for starters it’s a word with “ink” in it, so that seemed fortuitous. Also, Target had classy looking notecards with ginkgo leaves unnamedembossed in gold on them, so that also worked out nicely. But beyond the convenience of the logistics of using ginkgo, the ginkgo tree symbolizes: hope, peace, strength, longevity, and balance. And these are the things that I want to the gINKgo project to produce.

What is the gINKgo project? The gINKgo project is an effort to spread positivity random and anonymous words of support and encouragement. The gINKgo project is all about validation and affirmations.

How does this work? It’s quite simple. I write some note, inspiring quote, or message of affirmation on the card; I address it “For you…yes, you!”; and then I put it somewhere, and it waits to be found. If you ever tried to intentionally go looking for them, you probably wouldn’t find one. They aren’t in weird places, though they do tend to be in places where you’d come across only unexpectedly, which is the point! I don’t stick around to see if/when they are found, and in putting out the first batch, I was never caught putting one in place. Avoiding detection is half the fun of it!

How many are there? The original goal for the gINKgo project is to place 100 notes by the end of summer 2018, and it was mission accomplished. The gINKgo project has gone to four states, and two countries! To date, 125+ notes have been placed.

Hopefully others will take up the cause as well. You don’t even have to use a ginkgo notecard, but they’re out there and they look cool, so maybe try to find one! 😉 Target has a great set that is made locally (for me) in Minneapolis. There is also this set from CafePress available on Amazon. If you do participate in the gINKo project, do me a favor? Somewhere on the card (I put it on the back where the Hallmark logo would normally be), include If someone finds a card I’d love for them to be able to connect back to the blog to find out what the gINKgo project is, and maybe even become part of the project themselves!

Give it a try! It feels great to make others feel great! Updates coming soon. 

Find a note? Place a note? Connect on social media using #theginkgoproject or #inkyblog and let us know!

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