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National Federation of State High School Associations

So, You Didn’t Make the Musical, Now What?

…Creating letter standards doesn’t automatically make a program great. A great program, however, can easily identify the qualities its most exceptional members demonstrate. A varsity letter in a program that does not promote student growth, reward achievement or reflect excellence is, in my opinion, not worth much. READ MORE

Writer’s Credit – The Comedy Show Show

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McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

An Open Letter to the Man on Who E-mailed Me to Correct a Mistake on My Profile Page

Dear xxxxTreeofLife, READ MORE

Thought Catalog

I’m Not “Sweating for the Wedding,” I’m just a Bride-to-Be who Exercises

I had just locked my locker and was reaching for my iPod when she said it. She must have caught a glimmer off my left hand because I’m not sure my post-workday, pre-workout glow radiated ‘engaged and in love.’ But she looked at me and smiled knowingly and asked, “So, are you sweating for the wedding?”

It took a great deal of personal restraint not to offer a snide retort. (“I don’t know. Are you sweating through a bitter divorce” came to mind.) – READ MORE

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